Curriculum mapping with Daedalus

Mini Guide for instructors

What is a Student Learning outcome (SLO)?

A SLO is the description of a task which successful completion is guaranteed to be evaluated at least once.  For consistency’s sake, it follows these guidelines:

  1. A single sentence.
  2. Begins with an action verb describing the task. See Bloom’s taxonomy for helpful suggestions.
  3. It covers about 3 hours of learning activities (class, lab, assignment).

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning

Here is a non-inclusive list of suitable verbs to articulate a SLO:

Knowledge : define, describe, identify, label, list, match, memorize, point to, recall, select, state

Comprehension : alter, account for, annotate, calculate, change, convert, group, explain, generalize, give examples, infer, interpret, paraphrase, predict, review, summarize, translate

Application : apply, adopt, collect, construct, demonstrate, discover, illustrate, interview, make use of, manipulate, relate, show, solve, use

Analysis : analyze, compare, contrast, diagram, differentiate, dissect, distinguish, identify, illustrate, infer, outline, point out, select, separate, sort, subdivide

Synthesis :  blend, build, change, combine, compile, compose, conceive, create, design, formulate, generate, hypothesize, plan, predict, produce, reorder, revise, tell, write

Evaluation : accept, appraise, assess, arbitrate, award, choose, conclude, criticize, defend, evaluate, grade, judge, prioritize, recommend, referee, reject, select, support


  1. Gather a topic list for a course. This is likely to be found in the syllabus.
  2. For each topic, jot down on which basis a student will be evaluated in general. Use the Bloom’s taxonomy above to articulate the statements. For example: “Enumerate the 5 phases of the project management cycle.
  3. You should get 10-20 of such statements for a 1 term course. These statements are SLOs.
  4. To assist the curriculum map editor, provide 1 or a few keywords (tags) for each statements. This is helpful later for browsing and searching.
  5. If applicable and for each statement, list 1+ SLO(s) that must be mastered prior to undertaking this SLO.

Overall time to map a course: 30 to 60 minutes.

What will be done with your SLOs

They will be entered in a Daedalus site where SLO and courses will be associated. The links provided in step 5 of the procedure will permit students and instructors to understand the pedagogical connections between courses. The keywords provided in step 4 will be used to allow people to explore a curriculum by theme instead of by course numbers. Ultimately, gathering and maintaining this data will make the process of program review simple, and will allow students, faculty and staff to get a handle on the curriculum by simply browsing through a website.

SCI 1101 - Computer Science II

Prerequisite Courses

Assumed Learning Outcomes

        What the student enrolling in this course is assumed to be able to do.

Student Learning Outcomes

        Student learning outcomes that are covered by this course.