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ELA Apptivity: Mini Character Analysis with Safari, PS Express and TypeDrawing

  1. Choose a favorite literary character.
  2. Open Safari/Google and research your character.  
  1. Download/Open Adobe Photo Shop (PS Express) to crop and adjust image. Begin by pressing pencil icon in the lower right-hand corner.  Save to Photos


  1. Open TypeDrawing

  1. Select “background”- the white square at the bottom

  1. Select “Photo” and then “Camera Roll” to select your character photo.

  1. Select the “T” (for text) and write a one sentence explanation of your character. When you are finished push “Done”

  1. Tap your finger on the photo and begin dragging your finger across the screen. As you move your finger, the sentence will appear on your photo.

  1. Return to “Text” and type your character quotation. Repeat steps 6 and 7. You may have to play around with the text until you are satisfied with your design.

Created by Holly Sheridan, El Toro High School