Student Google Apps Account Login

As you may already know the district has recently switched over to Google Apps accounts for all of our staff members. Now students have access to their own school Google Apps accounts. We believe that this will be a useful tool for our teachers and students.

These account addresses begin with the year of graduation followed by first initial, last name The passwords are all lowercase starting with msad51 and the lunch code.


account id: (

password: (msad51xxxxx) xxxxx=lunch code.

All students should be encouraged to change their passwords upon logging in.  

Within the suite of Google Apps, students have access to word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and calendars.  Students can log into their account at home and continue to work on the same documents that they started in school with access to any internet connection.  They can “share” their work with teachers if the teacher requests that the assignment be turned in electronically.

Teachers will give direction on when they specifically want students to use Google, but the accounts can definitely be used for any school related word processing, presenting or spreadsheet work. Teachers will be communicating with students that these accounts are to be used only for school purposes.  Students have multiple ways to communicate with classmates for social reasons and they are not to use the school accounts for this reason.  If you, as parents, see students using the accounts for social purposes, you have every right to re-direct them to other forms of communications.  Use of the accounts for non-school purposes may result in loss of privileges.

If you have questions about computer and technology use, please feel free to contact Dirk Van Curan at or Dan McKeone at