Maximilian Krieg is the eldest son of Baron Krieg of the Free City.  He was raised to succeed his father and as was tradition in his family he was trained as a “Zweihander”, to fight at the vanguard of his father’s troops with a greatsword.

Eventually when Max reached his late teens he began to rebel against the disciplined life his father had set out for him.  He traveled to Diamond Lake and after a tour of the Emporium and the local brothels he took up residence in one called the Flowing Fountain.  He made several fast friends there including the owner Alabaster.  Most notably though he met the beautiful, and mad prostitute, Roxanne Le Lune.

Their courtship was tempestuous and within months they were wed by the Fountain’s resident cleric of Cayden Cailean, Felch the Lear.

Not long after, Baron Krieg arrived and demanded that Max return home and the marriage be annulled.  Max declined.  Baron Krieg dis-inherited him on the spot and warned him never to return to the Free City.  The Baron after all, had other sons.

Max’s hard luck continued.  In just a few days the Flowing Fountain burned to the ground and in the unkindest cut of all, Roxanne disappeared.  Max immediately concluded that she had been slain and swore dire vengeance.  Most anyone else will tell you that since Max was penniless Roxanne had simply left.

These days Max lurks Diamond Lake seeking a new destiny.