Effective September of 1995, the following groups of students in the Manchester School District must show proof of residency:


  1. All kindergarten children                
  2. All new registrations to/within the School District - this shall include students who begin attending middle school or high school, those who have recently moved into the city from other communities, and students who wish to transfer within the District at any point during the school year.


It is understood that the central office administration reserves the right to grant special permission for attendance at schools other than those considered to be the home school of the student. Special permission may be granted for reasons including, but not limited to: special education students, hardship cases (child care arrangements are not considered hardship cases), or other extenuating circumstances as determined by the administrator. The administration further reserves the right to limit special exceptions based on class sizes and overall school enrollment.


Parents must provide two of the following as proof of residence:


  1. Utility bill or deposit receipt indicating address
  2. Lease agreement
  3. Letters presented on letterhead from organizations such as Manchester Housing Authority
  4. Welfare Card..
  5. Purchase and Sales Agreement
  6. Voter registration
  7. Social Services Papers - Social Security, Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), Homeless Shelter Verification
  8. Rent receipt including verification of landlord's address and phone number


In the unusual case that these are not available, a signed and notarized statement of residence must be submitted.


Children who register for school after the beginning of the school year, insisting upon entering a particular school based on their processed residence, shall be allowed to register and be given a ten-day grace period to produce proof of residence.


Statutory Reference:

RSA 193:12 (Legal Residence Required)

Technical Advisory JFA — R

Appendix JFAB-R




First Reading Coordination: 11/14/01

Second Reading and Approval BOSC: 12/10/01