Salut :)

It is with mixed emotions that I let you in on my secret. My husband and I have accepted jobs to teach at the American International School in Kuwait. We will both be Technology Coaches (helping teachers use technology in a meaningful way in their classrooms).

I'm sure some of you are quite satisfied that I won't be here to torture you next year while others of you will begin contemplating not pursuing any more French classes. Either way, I wanted to share with you how I feel :)

I have been at Ridge View 3 entire teaching career. I never ever ever thought I'd be a teacher and have been completely surprised with how the last 3 years have changed my life (for better and worse). Some of you I've had for the entire 3 years I've been teaching - I hope you've seen me grow as a teacher & person. Some of you I've only had this semester - I hope you can take something out of your experience. I want to make sure you know that each of you have had an impact on me, whether you know it or not. We've had some great days, some okay days and some down right crappy days together. Each day has changed me (even just a little). Thank you for being dedicated to working & learning and for being patient :)

Just because I will be in another country next year does not mean I have to be out of your life. I encourage you to pursue French because you never know what it will do for you (I'm teaching it!). I would love to help you in the future if you ever need me. If you don't ever contact me again, that's okay - I get it. If you ever want to, I would love to hear about your bright future :)

Twitter - MmeLayman

Email - mmelayman(at)

If you want to keep this information, I recommend saving it in your email and/or forwarding this email to your personal email account (especially if you are a senior!).

I hope you are as excited for me as I am...but know I'll probably miss you a little ;)