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Date: May 15, 2012

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         Tampa, Florida – The Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative (TBHC) presented Sandy Wehle, Life Enrichment Center teacher, with the prestigious 2012 Volunteer for Health Recognition Award in honor of her volunteer work teaching the Center’s G.I.F.T. class – Get Into Fitness Today. Ms. Wehle was nominated for the award by the Life Enrichment Center.

G.I.F.T. is a unique weight loss and health program sponsored by the Florida Department of Health Hillsborough County. Ms. Wehle volunteers one day a week to teach the class and comes prepared with information and materials to help participants track their eating habits and maintain a healthful way of living, incorporating good nutrition and physical activity into their lifestyles.

Since the first class was offered in 2009, the program has served more than 40 adults. Participants have not only lost weight but maintained their weight losses, significantly improving their overall health. One participant needed oxygen 24 hours a day when she started the program and was on the waiting list for a lung transplant. She lost 45 pounds and was able to discontinue the oxygen and be removed from the lung transplant list. Others have lost between 5 and 20 pounds and have met their weight goals.

 “Sandy Wehle’s spirit is filled with unfailing good humor and a joy that is contagious,” says Life Enrichment Center Executive Director Ronna Metcalf.  “She makes the world – and our community – a better place.”

For more information about the G.I.F.T. program or other classes offered by the Center, call 813-932-0241 or visit their web site at

Left to right:   Sandy Wehle,  Carrie Hepburn, with TBHC; Ronna Metcalf, Executive Director Life Enrichment Center