Pratt Institute -- Interior Design

INT 659.01 -- Rhino and Grasshopper: Rule Based Modeling

Spring 2012

Assignment #1a  --- Variable Section Geometry - Part 1

Assignment Date:          1/19/12

Due Date                1/26/12


Assignment Intent:   Variable Section Geometry will serve as an introduction to the Rhinoceros modeling environment, and will introduce students to the basic concepts and techniques needed to proficiently model in Rhino.  The assignment will move from simple drawing and file structure, to advanced surfacing and solid editing techniques over the course of three weeks.

Assignment Instructions: 

  1. Each student needs to identify an object (or a portion of an object) that relies on variable sections and some form of lofting or sweeping to define.  Send me an email with a photo of your object for approval.

  1. The geometry must be able to be defined by a series of section curves, and in some cases, one or more guide curves.  Set up a rhino file that utilizes a nested layer structure and a series of saved construction planes to organize the cross section curves, guide curves, and any other geometry needed to define your object.

Assignment Deliverables:

  1. A 5 minute max digital presentation compiled using either adobe Illustrator or In Design, to be presented at the beginning of class on 1/26.  The presentation should:
  1. Describe your object, and how you will construct the object using a series of section curves and other geometry.  Use sketches, photos and diagrams to describe your object.
  2. Include either a diagram or series of screenshots describing how you are organizing the geometry in the Rhino file.
  3. Include a series of screenshots of the rhino file showing the wireframe model
  1. A Clean and well documented Rhino file.
  2. Publish a short blog post describing your object.  Include any helpful sketches or diagrams, and the best screenshot.  Include a link to the Rhino file for others’ reference.