MozFest - Tips and tricks using digital journalism tools for newsgathering


Bio searches

Want to find a journalist / OpenNews fellow / clown?

Use the following tools - the search section seems to mainly search bios

You can also use Google advanced operators. Copy and paste the following into Google, amending the keyword / examples. Note: this does not work perfectly. bio:*keyword -inurl:status bio:*opennews -inurl:status bio:*mozilla -inurl:status -intitle:google intext:”bio * opennews” intitle:”opennews* on twitter

intitle:”opennews* on twitter” OR intext:”bio * opennews”


Find 5 Guardian journalists on Twitter

Find 4 female Labour MPs


Twitter searches

Like Google, Twitter has advanced operators. You can enter terms in the search box in Twitter. A list is at the following link, plus there are some examples below. It’s also worth knowing about Twitter advanced search (

mozilla london                  finds tweets with Mozilla and London (standard search)

“superstorm sandy”         find tweets containing the exact phrase

MozFest OR ravensbourne         find tweets with “mozfest” or “ravensbourne” (or both)

ravensbourne -mozfest          find tweets with “ravensbourne” but not “mozfest”

from:mozilla                 tweets from Mozilla

to:mozilla                          tweets to Mozilla

@mozilla                         tweets mentioning Mozilla

near:london within:10mi         (geolocated) tweets within 10 miles of London

sandy since:2012-11-07          tweets mentioning “sandy” since x date

sandy until:2012-11-03         tweets mentioning “sandy” before x date

#mozfest filter:links         tweets mentioning #MozFest with url links

sandy source:txt                  tweets mentioning “sandy” sent by SMS

MozFest ? /                         tweets with a question

Mix them up

#mozfest -from:mozilla OR -from:sarahmarshall3

#mozfest -from:mozilla until:2012-11-06


Google translate


Find tweets sent from Benghazi today

Find tweets with links mentioning “archbishop”

Find tweets from Cairo sent by SMS


Importing an RSS feed into a Google Doc

It can be useful to import specific tweets into  a Google Doc.

1. Create an RSS feed

You can use social search engine Topsy to set up the RSS feeds. Or you can also set up RSS feeds manually. Use the following as a guide:

2. Create a Google Spreadsheet and cut and paste your RSS feed into cell A1



3. Set up notification rules

Tools>notification rules


Create a Google Spreadsheet with tweets mentioning #MozFest


Facebook search “superstorm sandy”


Find public Facebook posts mentioning Skyfall OR James Bond


Google images

Search by colour

Colin Meek has written a really useful guide

Remember you can use Google operators in your search such as ext:PDF / ext:jpg


Find the names of 3 people who worked on the “curiosity rover” project

Find a black and white PDF of a newspaper reporting the sinking of the Titanic


Verification tools

TinEye -

Google search by image -

Make the most of the “similar” function

And remember, an email address or a phone number is really useful both for checking sources and for gaining permission to use an image


Try finding the source of this image which claimed to be a picture of Hurricane Sandy

Tweasure Hunt


You need a photo of Friday prayers in Cairo. You must ensure that it was a photo taken yesterday. Find a pic and say how you would verify it.

Finished? Write a task, put the tasks in a hat and pick a task set by someone else.