Instructions for Entrepreneurs & Deal Leads

The New England Regional Syndication Meetings provide a venue where the top angel-backed companies in the region can pitch to an audience composed of representatives from more than a dozen angel groups. This helps entrepreneurs raise more money, in less time, and from a wider range of investors.

Application Instructions for Entrepreneurs:

Apply by 3/19 @ 11:59 pm

Entrepreneurs will receive an email (check spam folder) with a link to view and edit their application. It is up to them to review and ensure the application is accurate.

All applications, those selected for the event and those that are not, will be shared with the members of angel groups throughout New England to give all nominees maximum exposure.

Announcement of which companies have been accepted will be made within a week of the application deadline.

Event date, time, and location:

April 6 from 2:30-6:30pm ONLINE

Nomination Criteria:

An ACA-member angel group will champion the deal and serve as the central coordinator for follow-on due diligence efforts.

Deals in due diligence or in term-sheet negotiation are certainly welcome. That said, preference will be shown to deals that at least have a term sheet from the champion angel group.

Strong preference is shown to deals “wrapped up and ready to go.”  In other words: there is a nice digital package containing everything a new investor would need to get up to speed on a well-put-together deal quickly. This includes due diligence documentation, term sheet (ideally using a standard one), and all the legal docs one would need to actually invest (or at least previews thereof).

Next Steps for Angels:

  1. Direct the CEO of the company or companies you wish to nominate to the web page you are reading right now. The entrepreneurs will need, at a minimum, a <5000 character endorsement from you. Send it to them ASAP so they can include it in the application.
  2. If you are interested in serving on the committee selecting presenters, let Paul Silva know via this form and he will send you the instructions and conference call info. Deal leads are strongly encouraged to serve on the committee so we can learn more about the company you are nominating.


Contact the chair of our selection committee: Paul G. Silva (413-667-9886 |