10/2010 Internship Update

Blue Blazing Media Internship Positions - Lets Get Started!


Blue Blazing Media helps businesses navigate the digital and social online sphere. We enable clients to achieve their goals through a solid strategy and an arsenal of online tools. Strong believers in community and content provided defines a brand we own several online communities in six verticals.

Time Required

-Currently, all internships are unpaid.

-10-15 hours a week. Set your own schedule. Remote internship. Length is per semester; can be longer. Prefer one week notice if you are moving on to greater things.

Legal Requirements

Interns will be required to sign a NDA limiting their ability to comment or share inside information about Blue Blazing Media, LLC, Blue Blazing Media online properties including clients, data base contacts etc.

Technology Required

-Wifi connection, Internet ready computer/laptop, phone, IPad
-Developer will be required to provide their own software and hardware. This may include Adobe products. ( If You Are a Student Adobe.com offers a significant student discount on CS4, CS5).

Position Requirements

Project driven and task driven mentality. Project oriented, time management dictated by oneself to meet deadlines.

A good sense of grammar and spelling is required. Projects move fast and therefore everyone is responsible for their own content and corrections before content goes live. If you need a grammar body (some of us do) or you are a grammar perfectionist please let us know at a time. We can accommodate both needs.

Intern Benefits

All Interns will be considered potential content creators if they find it desirable. If such intern would like contribute content, blogging topics or  video content if relevant to several different categories all will be considered to be published online. Once published this will give you additional exposure beyond their peers as they move onto the next position.

(If Desired) Intern at end of internship will be asked to can answer short quiz online marketing curtailed to their particular speciality experience of Blue Blazing Media. When satisfactory grade is achieved intern will receive Blue Blazing Media Certified Badge to display on their site or if desired it can be mentioned on resume. Additional recommendation from Blue Blazing Media executive staff member can be included as well if so desired.

Intern Support

All Interns will be guided through several processes. Even though Blue Blazing Media runs a virtual office mentality we have three solid offices in three major cities. We hold true to the open door policy, all questions as interns go through the process will be fully supported by the executive staff at Blue Blazing Media as well as the advisory board. If such in turn is infused your needs questions answered beyond weekly meeting all interns can have questions answered via e-mail or instant message online. Fresh ideas always welcome! This Is a Learning Process for the intern.

Additionally, Elizabeth Hannan our CEO travels often across the country to speak. If opportunity dictates and scheduling is arranged she can meet with you in your local city.

Internship Benefits

Intern will learning about the technical development that goes into assembling a wide array of content  that goes into building communities around brands. Intern will be trained on varying tasks required to keep interviews, text and video content on schedule. Interns will have open access to have all those questions.

Interns will be provided with personal @BlueBlazingMedia.com e-mail address. New interns may join Blue Blazing Media Linkedin company profile at will.

-College credit: We offer college credit to our interns. We work with all colleges and universities will to work with us. Please include the proper college or university contact information within your email and we will reach out to your university.

Contact Blue Blazing Media

These internships are pretty popular so get your foot in the door. There are three required steps to be considered.

1> Apply Here (http://blueblazingmedia.com/contact/about-2/careers/),

2> Email your resume to Careers@BlueBlazingMedia.com

3> Reference one or more of the internship positions below by number or title in your email.

Current Internship Projects

1> Topic training - Online Marketing Development Training

-Interview Series, Topic Series, Event Series

-Entrepreneurs for whentozen.com Skype interviews 10 to 20 minutes.

Responsibilities include searching out entrepreneurs from Forbes.com, Inc. Magazine, getting notoriety attention currently. Can easily be accumulated linkedin.com

-Intern would be responsible for researching potential candidate, collecting contact data, adding contact data to Blue Blazing Media database and making initial contact with potential entrepreneur either through e-mail phone, social and scheduling in for 10 to 20 minute interview.

2> Topic Training -- Socialized PR Exposure

-**PR Lead Monitoring**

Including: Media Kit Development, Press release development, corporate communication training/messaging, event promotion, personal Branding one sheet promotion.

-Training Will Include Pitch Development to Fruition

-several key topics will be appointed to be justified by monitoring price that potential intern.

-Will Work Closely Speaking Agent on Staff to determine new Keynote speaking engagement opportunities.

3> Topic Training --Online Content Management and Development

-Sorts through Daily Intake of Content from Mass Amounts of Bloggers, Seek through and See What’s Valuable, Implement into Daily/weekly Newsletter.

-End goal is to promote Blue Blazing Media services and others in the content sphere through large newsletter database. To encourage out the contents of the contribution for the good of the greater good.

-Newsletter format will be pre-established. Intern responsibilities will include Link checking, articles are relevant to current topics, and blogger information TrackBacks as accurate as well.

-This is a Community Manager position, intensive training.

4> Topic Training -- Hands on Social Media Specialist

- Monitor engagement for personal brands, said clients and themselves. In general gain exposure into numerous online third-party software’s that BBM currently uses to monitor amplify brand awareness or current projects.

-This is a trend watching position that works closely with daily intake of content in turn specialist, and several other positions.

-Further description of this position can be emphasized and custom curtailed to meet the needs of the intern specifically at that time.

-This internship is on the front line of a daily basis monitoring and observing and looking for prominent individuals in five or six different relevant industries. In this position once relevant individuals are identified that would be good candidates for several advisory board positions for several different sites this individual will be responsible for finding their contact information, adding them into the BBM database, and making initial contact.

5> Topic Training -- Developers

-Currently we develop for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML, CSS, PHP, You Tube, Myspace, Facebook Fan Pages and Mobile Applications (Droid and Iphone/Ipad).

-If you are a developer or in any of the above I would like to increase your portfolio needs relevant code formats through internship we would like help you. Often we have many small projects that need coding to complete. If you like at your resume that you worked with agency clients to develop on several different platforms this would be an ideal way.

-It is quite beneficial as a developer to show on your resume the you completed projects with the national brand strategy agency and were able to develop for clients in a timely an accurate manner.

-When applying please supply valid URL(s) of any of your current work as well as what type of code your passion for and what type of relevant coding projects you would like to complete to add to your portfolio. BBM will try to be as accommodating as possible.

6> Topic Training -- Video Development

Custom video intro development. A strong knowledge or willing to experiment with Adobe After Effects is required.

-Intern must be willing to build, adapt, customize video intro previews. Additional option to create short video snippets, promo videos, corporate oriented videos is desirable.

-Open to creative suggestions.

7> Topic Training -- Research and Building

BBM defines strategy for many clients across the board using online media, social, creative and technology to accomplish what they need to accomplish. We Reform strategies based upon solid metrics, analytics, and research into the current industry to do this we need complete research projects. Several research and building projects usually run simultaneously. Final Goal: Results will be published in final format of E-Book, White Paper, Visual Display Etc.

-Intern would be responsible for gathering quantities of data, polling          participants, social promotion, pulling set results from software.

-This would be a learning process as initial results would be discussed before final research project would be completed. Final Projects Usually Translates into Format of White Paper Online E-Book Etc. Final studies are reported openly online.

-Intern must have knowledge of PowerPoint, and able to logon to third party software online and collect results.

-Research and Building Internship Will Work Closely with social media specialist and content management development.

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