Debate Motions 2012-2013




Red Sea Open    Eilat, Israel, September 2-6

Roosevelt Academy Open (RA Open), Middelburg, the Netherlands, September 21-22        

DDG Master’s Cup 2012, Eisenach, Germany, September 29-30        (translated from German)


Open de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, October 5-7 (translated from Portuguese)

Edinburgh Cup, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 6-7

Alternative Open, Glasgow, Scotland, October 13

UCL President’s Cup, London, England, October 13

Dutch Debate Masters, Nyenrode, Breukelen, Netherlands, October 20 (translated from Dutch)

Gutenberg Cup, Mainz, Germany, October 20-21 (translated from German)

SOAS IV, London, England, October 20-21

Bogwall (SSDC Novices), Durham, England, October 20

Namda Novices, Manchester, England, October 27

UCD Novice IV, Dublin, Ireland, October 25

- It is the near future

- There is no discernable technological difference from today

- It has been discovered that 0.1% of the world’s population (60 million people) have developed the ability to read the thoughts of those in their immediate proximity. These people are called “psychics”

- “Psychics” can control their ability and choose not to read minds.

- A drug has been developed which suppresses their ability to ever read thoughts. However this drug also causes severe depression.


THW Require the Public Registration of All Psychics and the Suppression of their Abilities with Drugs

UCD Vice-President’s Cup, Dublin, Ireland, October 27-28

Imperial Open, London, England, October 27


UCU Open, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 2-3

Newcastle IV, Newcastle, England, November 2

Durham IV, Durham, England, November 3-4

Motion: This House would allow prospective mothers to take the pill."

Welsh Novices, Aberystwyth, Wales, November 3

Oxford IV, Oxford, England, November 9-10

Vienna Freshers, Vienna, Austria, November 10-11

UK Debate Challenge, York, England, November 9-11

ESCP Debating Open, Paris, France, November 10

Open de Debates da Sociedade de Debates da Universidade de Coimbra (SDUC), Coimbra, Portugal, November 10-11

Brno Open, Brno, Slovakia, November 10-11

Cambridge IV, Cambridge, England, November 17-18

Iasi BP Open, Iasi, Romania, November 18-19 (translated)

John Smith Memorial Mace, Irish Leg, Round 1, November 20-December 8

IDAS tournament, Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 23-25

John Smith Memorial Mace England Leg, London, England, November 24-25

Cicero Debattoernooi, Tilburg, Netherlands, November 24 (translated)

Zeit Debatte Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany, November 23-24 (translated)

Lund Debate Challenge, Lund, Sweden, November 23-24

Münster Ironman, Münster, Germany, November 30 - December 1 (translated)

BGU IV, Beer Sheva, Israel, November 30 - December 1

Cork IV, Cork, Ireland, November 30 - December 1

IDEA Debate@Europe final event, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 28 - December 1

Moscow Open, Moscow, Russia, November 30 - December 2


Nikolausturnier, Münster, Germany, December 1 - 2 (translated)

King’s College IV, London, England, December 1

Irish Times Debates, Second Round, Ireland, December 4-8

Bristol IV, Bristol, England, December 7-8

Lancaster IV, Lancaster, England, December 8

Tilbury House IV, Cologne, Germany, December 7-9

Baden-Württemberg, Heidelberg, Germany, December 8 (translated)

SSE Riga & LMT IV, Riga, Latvia, December 8

The English Cup, Herzliya, Israel, December 9

Centrale Open, Paris, France, December 14-15


IDEA European Cup, London, England, December 15

Birmingham IV, Birmingham, England, December 14-15

World Universities Debating Championships, Berlin, Germany, December 27-January 4



Zeit Debatte Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, January 12-13 (translated)

Nottingham Trent IV, Nottingham, England, January 12

Regents’ IV, London, England, January 13

Kingsmill Moore Invitational, Trinity, Dublin, Ireland, January 24

French Debating Association Tournament, first leg, France, January 24-February 28

Trinity IV, Dublin, Ireland, January 25-26

Rotterdam BP toernooi, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, January 26 (translated)

Beginner Tournament Mainz (DCJG), Mainz, Germany, January 26 (translated)

York IV, York, England, January 26

John Smith Memorial Mace, Irish Leg, Round 2, January 28-February 7



Inner Temple IV, London, England, February 1-2

Irish Times Semi-Finals, Ireland, February 1-5

Warwick IV, Warwick, England, February 2

Sciences Po Open, Le Havre, France, February 8-9

Österreichischen Debattier Meisterschaft (Austrian Debate Championships), Salzburg, Austria, February 8-10 (translated)

The Galway Open - Irish National Law Debates, Galway, Ireland, February 15-16

IDEA-DTU, Utrecht, the Netherlands, February 16 (translated)

Edinburgh IV, Edingburgh, Scotland, February 16

LSE Open, London, England, February 16-17

John Smith Memorial Mace, Irish Leg, Quarterfinals, February 19-February 25

Irish Times Final, Belfast, Northern-Ireland, February 22

Manchester IV, Manchester, England, February 23-24

Polish Parliamentary Debating Championships, Warsaw, Poland, February 22-24 (translated)

UL Open, Limerick, Ireland, March 1-2

Budapest Open, Budapest, Hungary, March 1-3

Glasgow Ancients, Glasgow, Scotland, March 1-2

Nottingham Open, Nottingham, England, March 2-3

John Smith Memorial Mace, Ireland semi finals, Dublin, Ireland, March 5 and March 6

French Debating Association Semi Finals, Paris, France, March 7 and March 14

Vienna IV, Vienna, Austria, March 8-10

Leeds Open, Leeds, England, March 9-10

Southampton Open, Southampton, England, March 9

UCL IV, London, England, March 16

John Smith Memorial Irish Mace Grand Final, Dublin, Ireland, March 16

Czech and Slovak Championships, Bratislava, Slovakia, March 16-17 (translated)

VUAS Debate Tournament, Valmiera, Latvia, March 16-17

Bucharest Universities Debating Cup, Bucharest, Romania, March 16-17 (translated)

Berlin-Brandenburgischen-Meisterschaften (Championships), Berlin, Germany, March 16 (translated)

Royal Holloway Open, London, England, March 17

Open motions picked by one of the teams in each debate round:

Feminism and Gender Tournament, Israel, March 21 (translated)

Leiden Open, Leiden, Netherlands, March 22-23

Zeit Debatte Marburg, Marburg, Germany, March 22-24 (translated)

Irish National Maidens, Limerick, Ireland, March 22-24

Zalgiris Cup, Vilnius, Lithuania, March 22-24

Exeter Open, Exeter, England, March 23

Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) IV, Vilnius, Lithuania, March 23-24

Estonian BP Championships, Tallinn, Estonia, March 23-24 (translated)

French Debating Association, Final, Paris, France, March 25

Kent IV, Kent, England, March 30

Heriot Watt Open, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 30

St Petersburg Debating Open, Saint Petersburg, Russia, March 29-31

DCU Open, Dublin, Ireland, April 5-6

Paris Open, Paris, France, April 6-7

Transatlantic Debating Championships, Paris, France, April 10-11

Estonian Open, Tartu, Estonia, April 12-13

HSE Open, Moscow, Russia, April 13-14

Potsdam Puls Punk, Potsdam, Germany, April 12-14 (translated)

UTAD Debate changing Europe round, Vila Real, Portugal, April 17

Coimbra Debate changing Europe round, Coimbra, Portugal, April 17

Nordic Debating Championships, Helsinki, Finland, April 19-21

John Smith Memorial Mace International Final, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 20

Dutch National Championships, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, April 20 (translated)

Hull Open, Hull, England, April 20

German Regional Championships South, Austria and Switzerland, Ingolstadt, Germany, April 20-21

German Regional Championships North-East,  Jena, Germany, April 20-21

German Regional Championships West, Iserlohn, Germany, April 20-21

SdDUP Debate changing Europe round 1, Porto, Portugal, April 23

Jacobs Open, Bremen, Germany, April 26-28

Open de Minho, Guimarães, Portugal, April 26-28

Split Open, Split, Croatia, April 26-28

Cambridge Invitational, Cambridge, England, April 28

Kyiv Open, Kiev, Ukraine, May 4-5

Oxford Women’s Open, Oxford, England, May 10-11

Denny Crane, Belgrade, Serbia, May 10-12 (translated)

Zeit Debatte Aachen, Aachen, Germany, May 10-12 (translated)

Stockholm IV, Stockholm, Sweden, May 10-12

Kalliope Debattoernooi, Groningen, Netherlands, May 11-12 (translated)

Belgrade Open, Belgrade, Serbia, May 17-19

Brüder Grimm Cup, Marburg, Germany, May 19-20 (translated)

History Tournament, Marburg, Germany, May 27 (translated)

Deutschsprachige Debattiermeisterschaft, Munchen, Germany, May 30 - June 2

Riga Debate Academy, Riga, Latvia, May 31-June 2

Bristol Open, Bristol, England, June 8

GDPPC Open, Budapest, Hungary, June 21-23

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 21-23

Elbe Open, Magdeburg, Germany, June 22-23 (translated)

Essex IV, Essex, England, June 29

Vienna Mini, Vienna, Austria, June 28-29

ULU Westminster IV, England, July 6-7

English Open, Israel, July 7

Mix Team (pro-am tournament), Belgrade, Serbia, July 7-8 (translated)

Imperial No Notes Open, London, England, July 13

Frischlingscup, Tübingen, Germany, July 13 (translated)

Earlsfort Open, Dublin, Ireland, July 20

Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE or Worlds in Spanish), Madrid, Spain, July 24-30 (translated)

Patras Open, Patras, Greece, July 26-29

Bodden Cup, Greifswald, Germany, July 27-28 (translated)

Heart of Europe British Parliamentary Debate track, Olomouc, Czech Republic, July 29-August 1

SOAS Open, London, England, August 3

SOAS invitational, London, England, August 4

DAPDI, Rotterdam, Netherlands, August 8-9

Manchester EUDC, Manchester, England, August 18-23