Methods of overtaking another’s Twitter Account

1. Changing Name

If @StarChild111 (The Original) changed her name to another account name, such as @StarChild222, then the original account @StarChild111 would be available for anyone to use to register.

If this method happened then someone else can take control of the account.

2. Deactivating account

If @StarChild111 (The Original) deactivated her Twitter account, the account does not become available for other users to grab the name.

I tested this method by deleted the @NotLeeStranahan account I created yesterday. It does not allow me to sign back up for that account. @PatriotUSA76 and @GennetteNicole accounts were both deactivated and they still are not available for anyone to use as their account names.

I’m unsure if these names are ever returned to the name pool. We can keep testing the @NotLeeStranahan account to find out.

3. Dormant Accounts

Twitter does not officially overtake Twitter names. They only do so for brands and people with verified identities. @StarChild111 is not an account they would reactivate for someone else.

The only other options involve hacking, or the original person giving her password to another individual.