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So far we have established:

Our project:

We want to create a story about decisions in which you have to make a choice that will have it’s effects on nature as well as yourself. What do you choose: something that is beneficial for yourself or something that is beneficial for nature?

I think the right or wrong decision is a bit boring cause everybody makes that.

I will think about another idea but I dont have a precise idea yet.

I totally agree with Alina. I liked the idea of having a bad/bad choice, like in Tom’s example concerning sacrifising a little plant or lots of birds.


The example I took from my own neighberhood was naturepark “De Wieden” which you can find something about here: 

The choices here include choices about doing something about the forest that is spreading out to much, giving the choice to do nothing and perhaps loose some other type of land or to to cut down the sides of the forest or damn it in using water to prevent it from growing out of it’s boundary’s.

The main Theme here is when (not) to influence nature, do we let it have it’s own course, or do we try to sculp it to what we like, or do we do something in between? And to what Extent?

That’s a good question..

would also fit quite well to the message of ‘enjoy nature’.

The problem is how to connect everything, and also i would like to suggest we don’t go to far in the ‘save environment ’ direction because there already is another group doing that topic.

My idea for the storyboard would be sth like : you’re having a day off, and your tired of sitting in front of the computer (might be the first choice? - if you pic the computer we could link to an boring online game ..) and from that point you could for example visit Tom’s nature park, or go to do some watersports (power of nature) or do anything else like a picknick..

My idea was to have the viewe of the intereactive video be the “park manager” or something like that and has to decide what to do in order to keep most people happy and nature intact. Or view them as a visitor of the park, and ask them what they wanted (let the forest have it’s natural way or sculp it somewhat), and then evolve the park in that way, and after a few decisions to let him review his own choices (did he like how the park became etc.) and store the choices of all the viewers as a sort of question form idea and view the statistics in the end.

yeah going there as a visitor would fit to what i wrote before.seems a good way to combine everything.

To combine these ideas you might make the interactive video in such a way that you meet the park manager when you go on a picknick. He then asks you for your opinion, and when you answer you will see the consequences of that answer. After than you can continue with watersports or something.

Love the idea :). Then sail or waterski or whatever through that park before and after and then see how it became.

Great :)

So what did you decided?

So we decided to meet again on Thursday, half past one Up to then everyone thinks about at least one of the the following options:

-go to a nature park (sculping/ influencing nature)

- doing a picknick (enjoying nature)

- doing outdoor sports (enjoying/power of nature)

- or any new idea (perhaps something with medicine from nature?)

Please bring a kind of storyboard. If you have ideas about more than one of these topics, bring them, of course ;)

DON’T FORGET THE FUN FACTOR!!!!!!!!! cause without fun every further minute is to long.

Well, that sounds good but you must think about that these things have to be realizable.

To picture something in the video:

As in the included map you can see a park that consists of various areas. Now the park manager faces various problems:

·         Growing reet on the reet site laying mostly in E1 is getting les economic payout because of the two little pools in the field which are causing trouble mowing it with heavy machinery, the farmer threatents to stop cutting the reet down when he is not allowed to fill them up.

·         In Lake Fish (2) there was a barrier placed to not disturb the rare fish living thare, but as there is no water traffic any more, it threatents to fill up with waterplants and overgrowth.

·         The population on the west side of Lake Birds(3) would like to drench a canal through it to gain easy access by water to the lake and other population. The lake is very shallow, which has as an effect that a lot of bird like to swim in the shallow water and feed of the waterplants and small fish they can find there, they might be disturbed by the boats.

·         The great park lake is vividly used for waterskiing, sailing, swimming and other watersport activities, It would be hard for them to have more traffic than now because it could get very busy in the summer and deliver dangerous situations, should it be partially locked down, or forbidden for through-going traffic by water?

·         Sight one is an historical heritage, some funds are given to maintain this sight and the park around it, but there are no sufficient funds to do all the things nessecary (for example: keeping all canals deep enough for traffic, maintaining certain forests, and starting new projects nessecary to maintain some rare fora and fauna

·         The farmers request funding to keep it economicly possible to have cows and sheep walking on the non-reet and forest lands to maintain the grass, Some of them might stop if they not receive this becaus it is very expensive in time and money to move the animals by boat and take care of them at a distance.

·         An idea has been put up to build and then rent some houses near the lake to earn some extra money, but so far it is not very well known what the effects of the houses and the building of them will be on the nature.

·         Some farmers would like to cut down forest to create more reet land in some places.

·         In C2 the reet land touching the forest is threatend to disappear due to the forest’s expanding, the edges create a variety of wild life, but cutting down could maybe do more harm then good, also, the reet farmers would like to have a bit larger land of reet.

·         The small villages includes some old houses which are national monuments, they’d like to rebuilt some of the houses partially from the inside to make them better to live, but that will diminish some historical features.

A lot of more of these things could be decisions could be made by the “player”, and after some choices the viewer will slowly see the results of it’s choices become reality by viewing activities (cutting down trees), telling story’s and viewing imagery (drawings) and of course the end result. You would probably end up with about ten different endings for the story, and I would love to see the statistics at the end of the movie of the different users, and see what park they created with which choices.


Wow, i’m pretty impressed. That concept really offers a lot of possibilities!

My problem is the following: where to put the video sequences?It should be an

INTERACTIVE VIDEO, but so far it looks like becoming more kind of a browser game to me..

One idea might be to just add little pieces that show the chosen action (for example cutting

trees down) before showing the effect in form of a map like that one above - that was the plan,

right?- but still i guess ‘little pieces’ is too less. We should discuss that in our meeting tomorrow!

Anyway, now i forgot everything i wanted to say about my storyboard. Great job, Tom! :)

...I though about the concept i had in my head but it’s gone, since in my opinion it would be the

best way to build the other topics around Tom’s idea and not to offer them as a different

 oppurtunity..the video would seem much more coherent this way.

In case the rest of the group agrees with me on that, and we’re gonna do it so,

there are some very important questions raising:

- As i already mentioned: How to make it a video?

- How to apply FUN? (main character, sketches, conversations?)

- Too complicated??

  Perhaps we have to shorten the concept a little, we always have to remember it has to be

  realizable, and the viewer/user also doesn’t want to spend too much time on this..and with a

  concept that’s so complex people might need some time just to get it..the other advantage

  would be the fact that we had more room for details, which would make it much easier to

  apply the fun factor.

- How to bring in the ‘enjoy nature’ - idea in a positive way?


- not to many decisions cause it should be still a video and not a game, with to many decisions

   you dont have the time to watch the video. 

-how to make it interesting for other

- how can they get the idea and the message in less time

- work with music and sounds   Jup, very important, but that’s already a topic of realization but

not only

-> filming the introduction sequence with a boy and a girl, and rest of the video from

first - person- perspective



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