New Hampshire law defines student hazing as "any act directed toward a student, or any coercion or intimidation of a student to act or to participate in or submit to any act, when: (1) Such act is likely or would be perceived by a reasonable person as likely to cause physical or psychological injury to any person; and (2) Such act is a condition of initiation into, admission into, continued membership in or association with any organization."  For the purposes of this policy, the term "organization" includes any association, society, athletic group, club, service group, or other similar group whose members are or include students, operating at or in conjunction with the Manchester School District.


The Manchester School District prohibits student hazing in connection with any school sponsored or sanctioned program, activity, or organization, as well as formation of or membership in any secret organization in any way related to such programs and activities.


It is the policy of the Board that injurious hazing activities of any type, either on or off school property, by any student, school employee, group or organization are inconsistent with the educational process and shall be prohibited at all times.


No administrator, faculty member, or other employee of the district shall encourage, permit, condone, or tolerate hazing activities.  No student, including leaders of student organizations, shall plan, encourage, or engage in hazing activities.  Students and employees who participate in or have knowledge of any hazing activities are required to make a report to the Superintendent or

a building administrator.


Persons not associated with the district who fail to abide by this policy may be subject to ejection from school property and/or other measures as may be available under the law.


Administrators, school employees, and students who fail to abide by this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.  For students, this may include suspension, expulsion or other appropriate measures.  For employees, this may mean disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, consistent with the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement.  In the case of an organization affiliated with the district which authorizes hazing, penalties may include rescission of permission for that organization to operate on school property or to receive any other benefit of affiliation with the district.


These penalties shall be in addition to any civil or criminal penalties to which the violator or organization may be subject.  All hazing incidents which come to the attention of the district shall be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


The Superintendent is responsible for administering this policy and may delegate specific responsibilities as he/she deems appropriate.  This policy shall be included in all district handbooks, on the district website, or otherwise distributed to all school employees and students.


Legal Reference:

NH RSA 631:7

NH Code Admin. R. Ed. 306.04 (7)

Cross Reference:

ACAA - Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

ACAB - Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Employees

JICIB - Bullying and Cyberbullying


Revised from 12/10/01

First Reading Coordination: 7/13/15

BOSC 2nd Reading and Approval: 8/10/15