Credit Recovery - English 4B

Course Description

This is a class that will prepare students for the skills they will need to be successful in college and in life. When they  have completed the class, students will have acquired the reading and critical thinking skills necessary for understanding challenging new  material, analyzing that material to deduce meaning, and applying what they have learned to our world. They will have the composition skills needed to communicate their understanding effectively to a variety of audiences. Students will read and analyze classic works of literature because these works contain literary qualities that merit study and provoke thinking, not because of a requirement to know a particular work or author. They will also look at modern and contemporary works as they examine all genres: plays, short stories, poetry, essays, and novels.  Students will learn to apply critical literary terms as tools for learning, understanding, and communication. Learning activities include cloze reading, paraphrasing, discussions, essays, short answer exams, research papers, reflective journals, web quests, oral presentations, and others. The unit structure below identifies the main headings of the units only. Most units will include a combination of genres and activities. The structure of the class is not based upon a sequence of chronology, national origin, or genres. It is instead based upon the sequence that best supports the learning needs of the student.



REQUIRED TEXT:          

The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. Penguin, 2004


Loyalty and Betrayal

Section A: Order and Chaos

Section B: Context

Section C: Sentence Variety

Section D: The Kite Runner

Life and Death

Section A: Analogies

Section B: Irony and Theme

Section C: Reading Skills and Strategies

Section D: Poetry

Section E: Grammar Connection

Section F: Speeches


Section A: Past and Future

Section B: Rip Van Winkle

Section C: Into the Future

Section D: Reading: Longer Fiction

Justice and Injustice

Section A: Lady Justice

Section B: Research

Section C: The Writing Process


Section A: Revision

Section B: Vocabulary Study Skills