Graphic Designer / Web Developer Job Posting


Side Job (Deliverable Focused)

Part-time Internship

Full-time Internship

Tasks include:

Converting .PSD files and asset sheet to HTML/CSS for web and mobile UI

Designing and tweaking web graphics/images

Skills Required:






Familiar With:



Working On: Web, Mobile, or Both

Start Date: Immediate

Total Number of Designers Needed: 10

About us:

Hotpond is a start-up internet venture located in Bethesda, MD, potentially providing an opportunity for long-term employment.

Hotpond is a new type of corporation called a Benefit Corporation (a for-profit with an explicit mission to benefit society).  The reason we exist is to to empower people to make a difference in their lives, who can then empower others to make a difference in their lives...and collectively...change the world in a meaningful way.

Our technology has three core functions to help us achieve our "Why":

  1. financial - a platform for services so individuals and organizations can both a) earn money applying their skills and b) get services done to save time/money;
  2. philanthropy - allowing both sets of individuals, regardless of whether they are earning money or getting services done, to donate directly to the causes or non-profits they are most passionate about; and
  3. social - giving individuals the ability to connect, share ideas/information, and discover with others who share the same interests across work, skill sets, causes, non-profits, etc.

To apply please email your resume and/or portfolio to