Tournament Preparation & Checklist

How to Prepare for an FLL Tournament in Michigan

Updated October 30, 2017


1.  Review the FLL Participation Rules  particularly the section about tournaments, and the additional information about Judging and Awards, including the Rubrics, the Awards, and Core Values.


2.  Review Chapter 7 of the Coaches Handbook:  FLL Tournaments, which includes:

·              Check-in

·              The Pit (your home away from home for the day)

·              How the Day Works

·              Questions to ask your Tournament Organizer


3.  Review Chapter 8 of the Coaches Handbook:  Judging and Awards, which includes information about:

·              Judging Subjectivity

·              Deliberations

·              Award Structure

·              Awards Eligibility

·              Adult Intervention

·              Other Rules to Keep in Mind


4.  Review the Judging FAQ for some very important information, and answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked by coaches and parents at or after an event.


5.  Prepare your Team Profile Sheet, and make 4 copies to take with you to your event.  These should be handed out as follows, when you are at your event:

·              Turn 1 in at the registration table when you arrive at your event

·              Provide 1 to the Robot Design Judges

·              Provide 1 to the Project Judges

·              Provide 1 to the Core Values Judges


6.  Invite every parent to register their student in STIMS.  Provide the parents the link to register their child in the Youth Team Member System.  Print out a copy of your Team Roster through TIMS.  Confirm it contains all of your official team members.  You will need to collect a signed and dated Consent and Release Form* from every member of your FLL team, including all students and coaches.  The Team Roster, and all paper Consent & Release Forms, should be stapled or paper clipped together, and turned in at the registration table when you arrive at your event.  Please see the instructions for printing your team roster.


7.  Bring cash or a check to pay for your event fee.  This should be turned in at the registration table when you arrive at your event, unless you have received other instructions from the Tournament Event Manager.


9.  Remember:  This is a learning experience for everyone.  HAVE FUN!!!


What to Bring to an FLL Tournament in Michigan



·         Team Roster listing every team member, including coaches and mentors. In addition:  A paper Consent & Release* form for everyone on the team.

·         Tournament fee, usually paid by check.  Tournament Event Managers will provide teams more information regarding fee payment.

·         Team Profile Sheets (4 copies).

·         Printouts of your robot programs, to show the Robot Design Judges.

·         Materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation.

·         Robot, attachments, spare LEGO parts kit.

·         Excited and enthusiastic team of gracious professionals!



·         Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adaptor, extra batteries, extension cords.

·         Container to transport your robot and attachments to/from matches and judging.  Accidents can happen in crowded walkways.

·         A backup of your programs.

·         USB cable or IR tower for program downloads.  Note:  Internet and Bluetooth access could be restricted at some events.  

·         Challenge set, mat and practice table (check with Tournament Event Manager). Many tournaments may not have a sufficient number of mats/field pieces for practice.      

·         Lunches/snacks/drinks (please check the food rules for the site) or money for concessions.  Concessions at most tournaments are fundraisers for the FRC team hosting the event.  Please support them!

·         Storage box for personal items.

·         Medical permission forms (in case of emergency). Depends on the team's school policies for field trips, etc.

·         Emergency contact numbers for team members.

·         Coach/ Mentor Award nomination letters (check with the Tournament Event Manager).  

·         Note paper and pencil/pen.


On the OPTIONAL side:

·         Team banner, posters, or other decorations for pit space.

·         Fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (pins, hats, personalized, team playing cards).

·         Camera.


What NOT to bring:

·         Items of value (jewelry, electronic games, etc.). Tournament hosts are not responsible for lost/stolen items.


The Core Values Poster (CV) and Robot Design Executive Summary (RDES) are OPTIONAL for Michigan FLL Qualifying events.

The Core Values Poster (CV) and Robot Design Executive Summary (RDES) are         REQUIRED for Michigan FLL Championship events.