BEGINNING OF YEAR – Monarch Academy Library




Download new software  or updates if necessary;

learn to use it and train others if needed

Global delete of last year's graduating class. Check for overdue and lost materials owed first

Global change of all other grades; change name of teacher

Input new student information

Input new staff information

Change calendar in library calendar

Change global due date

Check all computers, printers, internet, e-mail, to make sure all are functioning properly

Check library web page to make sure it’s working and that links are active

Check links to library subscriptions such as World Book, Grolier, Ebsco, Newsbank, etc. make sure they are working and don’t ask for a log in from school - if not working check to see if IP addresses were changed over the summer and notify the companies of the changes

Back up data after new installations

Update class list and print w/ picture for office and new teachers (LifeTouch)


Sort through summer mail

Throw out old catalogs, file new ones

Check in any new materials against packing lists

Call companies for missing/damaged materials if necessary

For preprocessed books - Check cataloging information and import to circulation computer; For other materials, download cataloging from Internet sources if available or do original cataloging

Spine labels and barcodes for materials not preprocessed

Genre labels; Accelerated Reader labels

Notify others of new materials/put new materials on display


Arrange delivery of equipment that was sent out over the summer to be cleaned or repaired

Set up new equipment; enter in inventory and on circulation computer; barcode/ Contact company if not working properly

Clean TV's and carts


Check in materials borrowed/returned over the summer and shelve

Send reminder notice to parents regarding unreturned materials and have principals include reminder in their newsletters

Send reminder to staff regarding unreturned materials borrowed last year


Get updated class lists and schedules from office; schedules from teachers

Update schedule

Prepare schedule and post online

Notify staff members of LMS schedule

Update library folder for circulation desk by moving students to their new class; print barcode pages for new students; prepare bags

Compose and print parent letter (permission form)

Create a new letter for grade 5 (mentioning grades withheld & non-participation in the graduation ceremony if books not returned) –TALK TO JILL ABOUT THIS.

Update plan book

Plan lessons; special theme days and programs for year

Update powerpoint orientation lesson if necessary

Update notebook with student names/pictures


Reorganize room if necessary

Check in and put away new supplies

Put out supplies for student use.

Display for front hallway

Put up book displays

New sign-out sheets (self check-out)

New signs (Name outside door, behavior expectations, fire drill procedure, etc.)

Labels for bookshelves, sections of library if needed

Personal items (plants, posters, book character stuffed animals, costumes, etc.)


Find and train volunteers

Create opening/closing procedures/plan for substitutes


Attend District meeting

Attend Building Staff Meeting

Get notes from staff meeting missed

Attend meeting or get information on special needs students

Meet with library staff to plan year; train on new software and equipment; special programs; changes in procedures, etc.


Create a staff handbook

Read confidentiality form and sign off on district website

Write Professional Development goals; schedule PD meeting with principal


Plan/present new teacher and staff orientation (possibly a video)

Attend staff leadership team meetings.

Meet with each grade level for long-term planning

Plan reading motivation activities for the year.

Prepare handouts for faculty/staff regarding library operation, programming, new materials, etc.

Collaborate with teachers individually or in small groups to plan lessons/units.

Review and formulate instructional goals for the year.