Mad Science gets students excited about science. Event programming is designed for larger than classroom sized groups of kids and can combine shows, demonstrations and hands-on components.

Spectacular Science Shows - $285 + HST

45–60 minutes of high energy, highly visual experiments that will wow both children and adults alike. A number of themes are available:

Alchemy - Chemistry and Fantasy combine in a show focusing on the magic of chemical reactions!

Beach Show - Visit the beach Mad Science style! Learn the science secrets for summer survival, join us for Bernoulli Volleyball, hover surfing, and get cooled down after a hot day the Mad Science way. If you’re lucky you might even enjoy a Mad Science BBQ, or witness some very special fish.

Space Show - There And Perhaps Back Again, An Astronaut’s Tale. Start your day with a BLAST while enjoying explosions and Newton's laws of motion in the Rocket Show.

Fire & Ice - Get ready for some sizzlin’ excitement! Be dazzled and entertained by our dry ice spectacle!   Our Mad Science burp potion will tickle your taste buds and our Mad Science shower will have children, and adults alike, laughing as they learn about chemical reactions, air pressure and the states of matter.

Discover Science Show - Introduce your students to the main parts of science: Chemistry, Physics  & Biology. Exciting experiments drawn from across the spectrum of science show kids that although there are different kinds of science, all science is about asking questions about the world around us.

Winter, Christmas, and Halloween themed shows also available

NOTE – A travel charge, based on current fuel price, will apply for schools outside of the St Catharines/Niagara Falls/Welland area

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Mad Science of Niagara