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What’s this then?

The aim of Purpos/ed is to create a space for debate about the purpose(s) of education. We’ve got a 3-year plan leading up to the next General Election in the UK.

We’ve had several campaigns so far, including the phenomenally-successful #500words and #3x5 (a Flickr mashup).

How can I help?

For our next campaign we want to you to spread the Purpos/ed message by asking somebody two questions and recording their answers:

A) How should we educate people in the future?

B) What do we need to be doing now to enable that?

We’d like people to use Audioboo to record audio for these.


1. Sign up for a date slot in the table below. This ensures everyone doesn’t post together and gives you maximum exposure for comments and debate. :-)

2. If you haven’t already, sign up for Audioboo (you can sign in with your Twitter account)

3. Record your audio. If you’ve got a smartphone like an iPhone or Android, downloading the free app makes this super-easy (you can also use the Audioboo website on your computer if you have a microphone).

4. Add the tags ‘purposed’ and ‘edutalk’ to your audio recording.

5. Publish the audioboo (doesn’t matter if it’s before the day you’ve signed up for) and email the link to

Date slots



Your contact details

(e.g. Twitter or email)


Short bio (both)

(c.50 words)

Weds 1st June

Oliver Quinlan


Claire Quinlan

Claire is teacher with a background in Early Years. She has worked in settings from 0-2s to Further Education and is currently Headteacher of a Nursery school in Birmingham.

Thurs 2nd June

David Noble


Marie Laing, Classroom Assistant

Three years experience of working with boys who are 'looked after and accommodated'. Lives in central Fife.

Fri 3rd June

Simon Thomson


New Faculty Dean at LeedsMet Uni (subject to agreement)

Sat 4th June

Colin Graham


Rhiannon Owens-Hall

Sessional Lecturer (Primary teachers) at Glyndŵr University.

Colin Graham is a secondary maths teacher, singer, musician, composer, and arranger. He founded, and now moderates, #MathChat twice a week on Twitter.

Rhiannon Owens-Hall is a sessional lecturer at Glyndŵr University involved in training primary school teachers.  She teaches Geography and Music and is a liaison tutor for school-based experiences.

Reference to Plowden 1967

Mon 6th June

The Edudicator



Tues 7th June

Neil Phillipson  


tbc - perhaps a primary headteacher

Weds 8th June

Ian Addison


A willing volunteer at the conference I’m at

Thurs 9th June

Leon Cych


Interview with Theo Kuechel

Fri 10th June

Dave Stacey


one or more people from my yr 7 form

Sat 11th June

Chris Thomson


Guy Merchant

Mon 13th June

James Michie


James - An A-Level student.

James Michie is a husband, educator, blogger, and tweeter. He’s also Head of Media Studies and Leader for Key Stage 4 English at Chalfonts Community College (England).

Tues 14th June

Jon Nicholls


Tennessee Williams (one of my students. I kid you not) I might try to rope in a few other Year 12 photography students too.

I am the arts college manager at Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich, London. I teach photography, media and Tallis Lab (our enquiring minds curriculum for KS3 students)


Weds 15th June

Simon Hunt


One of my year 5 pupils.

I am a KS2 teacher in my second year. ICT Coordinator.

Thurs 16th June

Siobhán Henry


John Putt [@wjputt]

Headteacher at Holywell High School Flintshire. Views expressed are his own. Interested in learning, pedagogy, leadership & the future of all three.

I am Head of Sixth form, history & politics teacher & associate member of the leadership team. Currently studying for a MA at Bangor University.

Fri 17th June

Lark Fleming


A charter school special education teacher in the Los Angeles area.

A Los Angeles area elementary school teacher.

Tweet me @happyteacherla

Sat 18th June

Rosemary Leadley


James Ballard, colleague and Senior e-Learning Specialist at the University of London Computer Centre

Rosemary works for the JISC RSC London. She has taught in  primary and adult & community education but basically just finds the intersection of tech/culture/politics/learning very interesting!

Mon 20th June

Frances Bell

@francesbell on twitter

1. Woman approaching 60 who worked in factory

2. tbc

will copy from elsewhere

Tues 21st June

Weds 22nd June

Ann Walker



Regional Director of Workers' Educational Association in Yorkshire & Humber.

Thurs 23rd June

Russell Dyas


John Smith an IT manager from Yorkshire, Writer, Speaker and mod (maybe not in that order)

Russell Dyas is an Support Analyist & Educational Technologist at Impero Software Solutions.  He writes at and twitters at @russdev.

Fri 24th June

Mark Anderson



Subject coordinator of ICT in South West UK at Clevedon School. Lover of technology and how it can enhance learning opportunities. Aspiring leader. Views expressed are my own. // TBC

Sat 25th June

Daniel Needlestone


Rabbi Pete Tobias

Daniel Needlestone is the Education Development Manager at NGO World ORT. Formerly a Secondary ICT and Computing Teacher and school e-learning coordinator. Daniel blogs at 

Rabbi Pete Tobias worked as a primary school teacher before training for the rabbinate and is currently Rabbi of The Liberal Synagogue Elstree (TLSE).

Pete is frequently in the media, contributing to the Guardian newspaper, previously on Radio Scotland's "Thought for the Day" and with Terry Wogan. He now broadcasts with Chris Evans and Aled Jones on BBC Radio 2.

Mon 27th June

Clare Sarson



I’ll do this shortly... honest!

Tues 28th June

Peps Mccrea



Senior lecturer in teacher education: rethinking pedagogy for a digital age...

Weds 29th June

Keith Smyth


tbc but someone who has come into HE through widened access route

Thurs 30th June

Kevin Pearson


a person who has progressed through ACL

END OF #purposedfutured CAMPAIGN!