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Quiz: Manual Grading Moodle ISU


The manual grading function allows teachers and graders to individually grade quiz questions. The most common manually graded question type is an essay question.

For information regarding modifying a grade for an automatically graded question, see: Adjusting or Curving a Quiz Grade

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This guide will help you to:

Locate the Manual Grading Tool

  1. Select the quiz you wish to grade.
  2. In the Settings gear menu, Click Manual grading.

  1. If there are no questions that require manual grading but you want to re-grade all of the automatically graded questions per question rather than per student, click Also show questions that have been graded automatically.

  1. In the To grade column, Click Grade to see all ungraded submissions for each quiz question.

Note: Clicking Grade all on the results page will display all graded and ungraded submissions for each question, whereas clicking on Grade only displays the ungraded submissions.

Change Viewing Options in Manual Grading

You can control how the questions are listed on your screen.

  1. Click Grade or Grade all.

  1. Attempts to grade - you can choose whether you want to grade all of the attempts for the quiz or just the ones that have not been graded.
  2. Questions per page - this is how many questions per page you wish to grade at one time. If you have 50 students you can grade 5 questions per page for a total of 10 pages.
  3. Order attempts - you can put the attempts for the quiz in a certain viewing order.
  1. Randomly - attempts will be randomized.
  2. By date - attempts will be ordered according to the date they were submitted.
  3. By student first name - attempts will be ordered by students’ first names.
  4. By student last name - attempts will be ordered by students’ last names.
  5. By student id number - attempts will be ordered by student ID numbers.

  1. Click Change options.

Grade Attempts

  1. Comment - here you can provide feedback for the answers students have given.
  2. Points - in this box, you can provide the amount of points the student will receive for the question.

  1. Click Save and go to the next page at the bottom of the page when you have finished grading all the questions on the page.

For more information, see Manual Grading

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu

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