Quiz: Manual Grading Moodle ISU


The manual grading function allows teachers and graders to individually grade quiz questions, such as those in essay format.  

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Locating and Utilizing the Manual Grading Tool

  1. Scroll to the week/topic containing the quiz and click on the quiz you wish to grade.

  1. In the administration menu, click on the Results link.

  1. Then select the manual grading option.

  1. Click on Grade in the To grade column to see all ungraded submissions for each quiz question.

Note: Clicking on Grade all on the Results page will display all graded and ungraded submissions for each question, whereas clicking on Grade only displays ungraded submissions.

  1. In the Options section of the next page, you can control how the questions are listed on your screen.

  1. In the Attempts to Grade dropdown menu, Select either Those that need grading or All.
  2. In the Questions per Page text field, Type a number to limit the number of questions per page.
  3. In the Order attempts dropdown menu, Select to have the questions displayed Randomly or By Date.
  1. In the Comments text field, Type any feedback or comments for the submission (optional).


  1. In the Mark text field, Type the appropriate grade.


  1. When you have finished grading all the questions on the page, Click the Save and go to the next page button at the bottom of the page.

For more information please visit: http://docs.moodle.org/2.5/en/Quiz_manual_grading_report

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