KRNL Constitution

Article I: Organizational Name

The name of this organization shall be KRNL-FM, as it has been registered and licensed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) since 1963, herein referred to as KRNL.

Article II: Statement of Purpose

KRNL is a student-run, college radio station operating at a frequency of 89.7 megahertz FM. KRNL seeks to provide both a personal and alternative source of entertainment as well as broadcasting experience to the outlying community. It shall be considered KRNL's objectives to

  1. encourage and broadcast a diverse selection of music
  2. promote personal experimentation and growth of broadcasting and managerial techniques within all persons associated with KRNL
  3. be a valuable resource for any person within the community to use

Article III: The Executive Staff

Section A: Membership

The Executive Staff of KRNL shall be composed of the following positions: General Manager, Station Manager, Program Director, Music Director(s), Promotions Director, Sports Director(s), Technical Director, and Online Director. Honoraria shall be awarded to the Executive Staff in a fair and appropriate manner to be decided by the General Manager and Station Manager at the end of each block throughout the academic year.

Section B: Staff Responsibilities

Every member of the Executive Staff shall maintain regular office hours unless otherwise excused from such duty by the General Manager.

The duties of the Executive Staff shall be divided as follows:

  1. The General Manager shall:
  1. Serve as Chief Operator for the overall operation of KRNL.
  2. Represent KRNL whenever necessary.
  3. Serve as a voting member on Media Board.
  4. Ensure KRNL's adherence to all applicable FCC regulations.
  5. Be responsible for logging and sending all EAS reports.
  6. Maintain the Public Folder(s).
  7. Prepare the station budget for the following academic year in cooperation with the Station Manager.
  8. Conduct a review of all non-managerial Executive Staff each semester with the Station Manager.
  9. Preside over all Executive Staff meetings.
  10. Be ultimately responsible for all personnel decisions and in all matters concerning KRNL.
  1. The Station Manager shall:
  1. Be responsible for the financial operations of KRNL. All funds shall be deposited within the Student Activity Fee Account located at the Cornell College Business Office. All disbursements shall be made from this fund by check.
  2. Maintain records of all monetary transactions in a budget ledger.
  3. Submit monthly reports of the station's financial standing to the Cornell College Business Office and Media Board.
  4. Serve as the primary purchasing agent for KRNL.
  5. Prepare and present all financial requests to Student Senate.
  6. Prepare the station budget for the following academic year in cooperation with the General Manager.
  7. Notify the Technical Director of any technical problems and work to remedy them.
  8. Conduct a review of all non-managerial Executive Staff each semester with the General Manager.
  9. Preside over all Executive Staff meetings along with the General Manager.
  10. The Treasurer, or designee, must attend all meetings to which he/she is called by the Appropriations and Organizations Chair of the Student Senate.
  11. Serve as KRNL's representative to Media Board, including full voting privileges, in the absence of the General Manager.
  1. The Program Director shall:
  1. Be responsible for all DJ training program and its implementation.
  2. Provide DJs with weekly station information, monitor DJ performance, enforce FCC broadcast policy, and address DJ grievances.
  3. Compile and update the programming of the station each block as well as the station's public service announcements.
  4. Be responsible for incorporating issues programming into KRNL's broadcast schedule.
  5. Work with the Online Director to make sure that all necessary information for DJs is found on the KRNL website.
  6. Work with the Promotions Director at the beginning of each academic year to gain initial interest in KRNL and generate DJ show publicity.
  7. Be responsible for setting and enforcing the station CD check-out policy.
  8. Be responsible for addressing outstanding CDs.
  9. Be responsible for maintaining the organization of the KRNL music library.
  1. The Music Director(s) shall:
  1. Be responsible for communicating with record, promotion, and distribution companies.
  2. Track and file all play-lists turned in by the DJs and compile a weekly, comprehensive station play-list (charts).
  3. Report to the College Music Journal (CMJ) on a weekly basis.
  4. Review all new recordings that KRNL receives in a timely fashion and work with the Online Director to maintain an up-to-date list of these releases as a tool for the station.
  5. Send out e-mails to DJs listing and reviewing new music.
  6. Update Raduga’s 24 hour play-list.
  7. Be responsible for the daily operation of the KRNL music library.
  8. Act as a liaison between DJs and the KRNL music library
  1. The Promotions Director shall:
  1. Be responsible for overseeing the promotion of KRNL and its shows, both on- and off-campus.
  2. Be responsible for creating posters, underwriting, and fundraising for KRNL.
  3. Be responsible for coordinating and promoting all concerts and other events that are sponsored by KRNL.
  4. Be the primary contact with KRNL alumni.
  5. Work with the Program Director at the beginning of each academic year to gain initial interest in KRNL and advertise for DJ shows.
  1. .
  1. The Sports Director(s) shall:
  1. Be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the KRNL Sports Broadcasting Team.
  2. Work with the Athletic Department in order to broadcast certain sporting events.
  3. Work with the Program Director to establish a KRNL Sports Broadcasting schedule.
  4. Work with the Technical Director to ensure all Sports Broadcasting equipment is working properly.
  5. Research stats and players before every game for every game that is to be broadcast.
  6.  Shall be responsible for the turning on and off of all scheduled broadcasts. In the event they are unable to perform this duty, they shall be responsible for finding a replacement.
  1. The Technical Director shall:
  1. Be responsible for maintaining all KRNL equipment.
  2. Be responsible for keeping all KRNL equipment FCC compliant.
  3. Assist in setting up special out-of-studio broadcasting events.
  4. Be the student contact for KRNL's professional engineer.
  1. The Online Director shall:
  1. Be responsible for the maintenance of the KRNL internet broadcasting system.
  2. Be responsible for maintaining the KRNL website. This includes, but is not limited to: timely updates to the online program guide in accordance with the Program Director, timely updates of new music and charts in accordance with the Music Director(s), and timely updates from the station in accordance with the General Manager.
  3. Serve as the liaison to the Cornell College Office of Informational Technology.
  4. Field e-mails from online listeners.

Section C: Executive Staff Selection

Executive Staff shall be selected in one of two ways:

  1. The General Manager and Station Manager shall be selected by Media Board, pursuant to Media Board Policy, as outlined in that forum's charter.
  2. The General Manager and Station Manager shall select the non-managerial Executive Staff in an appropriate manner. The process shall consist of application submission and review followed by an interview process. New staff shall be selected by the end of Block 8 and shall begin duties as of Block 9.

Section D: Executive Staff Removal

If an Executive Staff member is not fulfilling the duties specified for his/her position, the member may be impeached by the submission of a petition of impeachment signed by at least two-thirds of the Executive Staff to the KRNL Advisor. The impeached member may file an appeal within three days of the impeachment to the KRNL Advisor. The KRNL Advisor shall reach a final decision within two days of the appeal. Also, any Executive Staff member may resign his/her position by petitioning the Executive Staff.

Section E: KRNL Advisor Selection

The Executive Staff shall be responsible for the selection of a faculty or staff Advisor. The Advisor shall be evaluated annually, and if the Executive Staff chooses to find a new Advisor at the end of the school year effective the following fall, the current advisor shall be informed by the second Friday of Block 8. A new Advisor shall be selected at any time provided there is a majority vote from the Executive Staff.

Article IV: DJ Membership

The position of DJ is open to all members of the Cornell College community as well as to all members of the Mount Vernon community who demonstrate a legitimate purpose for using KRNL's broadcasting ability. To qualify, one must complete a training program outlined by the Program Director. DJs must follow all station rules and live up to the expectations that the position demands, as defined by KRNL.

Article V: Adoption of By-laws

By-laws must be drafted and approved by a majority of KRNL's Executive Staff. Adopted by-laws take effect immediately.

Article VI: Constitutional Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution must be drafted and presented to the Executive Staff. Any amendment may not be voted upon until at least one week after it is proposed. A two-thirds vote of KRNL's Executive Staff and a simple majority vote of Media Board pass an amendment. Once passed, an amendment takes effect immediately unless otherwise noted.

Article VII: Constitutional Ratification

This Constitution shall become effective upon ratification by a two-thirds vote of the KRNL Executive Staff and the approval of Media Board and Student Senate. Upon ratification, all previous constitutions shall be considered null and void.