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JCNC Rental Frequently Asked Questions


Sound System:

Q1: Can I bring my own sound system?

A1: Yes



Q2: Do you allow non Jain puja downstairs?

A2: Yes


Booking an event:

Q4: How can I book the facilty for my events?

a4: For rental inQuiry, fill out this form to better serve you.



Q5: What is custodial Charge?

a5: During your event a person will be available as your point of contact.


Q33. Can I use custodian as a resource during my event for ex to bring some stuff from my car or to setup chairs or to control the crowd?

a33: no


Q34. When should I use custodian?

a34: if restroom is not clean, any Question about lights, A/c, mic, speakers, if more chairs or table reQuired.


Q35. What is the cell phone number for custodian

a35: custodian dont have cell phone. You can contact him on weekend in person @temple.



Q6: Can I setup for my event one day prior to event?

a6: Yes as long as you can book and pay for the prior day, because we can rent the facility to other customers during that time.


Q8: Can we set up some posters on the wall?

a8: only during the rental period and inside the room you have rented.



Promoting an event:

Q7: Can I promote and market my event using jcnc mailing list or notice board?

a7: no


Q8: Can we set up some posters on the wall?

a8: only during the rental period and inside the room you have rented.


Price and Discount:

Q9: can I get discount?

a9: the rates are very minimum as we are non profit org, We highly recommend that you provide some donation amount on top of rental charges to support JCNC bhavan to support your community.


Q10. Can I get non profit rate if I am not a non profit org ( no 501c3) but event is non profit

a10: no


Q11. Can I use the facility with no charge and share the profit with jcnc?

a11: no


Q12. I am promoting a event religious or non- religious, that will be beneficial to jcnc community

a12: no, for religious event please work with religious team email:


Q13. Can I get life member or discounted rate if I am good friend of jcnc life member

a13: Only if JCNC life member sign the contract on his or her name



Q14. How many parking spots?

A14: 100 free parking spots


Q15. Where else I can park?

a15: Backside of the Jain temple, turn left at Taco bell and then immediate left.


Facility Tour:

Q16. I want a tour to facility before I decide?

A16: Please feel free to visit during temple hours.

Please visit to see the temple hours


Please make sure facility is not used for some event by checking rental calendar


Payment and Payment Method:

Q17. What are the payment method?

Q17: check only


Q18. If I want to send check by mail what is the address?

a18: attn: rental

payable to : JCNC

Temple Address


722 South Main Street

Milpitas, CA 95035

Main Phone: 408-262-6242

Kitchen: 408-262-6042



Facility Timing:

Q19. Timing of the event

a19: Event timing should be BETWEEN 5AM TO 12AM PST


if you visiting before the event:

Please feel free to visit during temple hours.

Please visit to see the temple hours


Please make sure facility is not used for some event by checking rental calendar



Q20. Projector and Projector screen

a20: you have to bring your own projector. Projector screen can be used as part of your rental, no extra cost.



Q21. Capacity of auditorium

a21: 350 theater style seating in auditorium, max 500 people.


Q40: What is your classroom capacity?

a40: For small classrooms, 30 seating.


Q3: what is the size of auditorium?




Q23. I need help with my event that I booked?

Q23: contact



Q24. Where do I get event insurance?

a24. Generally, you can obtain this proof from the current insurance provider - homeowners insurance or business insurance carrier.


Also, a variety of Special Event insurance policies are available from local insurance agents and online. You can search on internet with keywords like special event insurance or wedding insurance and locate a variety of online sites.


A few of those sites included:


JCNC Contact:

Q25. Best way to contact rental team




Q26. I want to provide my feedback?



Before the event:

Q27. What should I bring?

Q27: JCNC will be providing only the tables and chairs and the kitchen facility for the cooking if kitchen facility is rented.  please bring per your need for ex


-table over

-set cover

-Any paper goods, plastic silver ware, water jugs, napkins and other accessories will be the responsibility of the renter.


Lost and Found:

Q28. lost and found?

a28: please contact balbir bhai in peron during weekend temple hours.



Q29. JCNC food policy?

a29: Non-Vegetarian food dishes including poultry are strictly prohibited.

We only allow vegetarian Jain food to be served within the Jain Bhavan facility.

No smoking is permitted inside the building or compound of the Jain Bhavan facility.

To cater any food within the Jain Bhavan facility must be allowed by only pre-approved and certified caterers who are familiar with the rules and regulations of JCNC and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to JCNC.




JCNC will be providing only the tables and chairs and the kitchen facility for the cooking if kitchen facility is rented.


Appendix F: Jain Food Definition


(Official Definition of ‘Jain Food’ as adopted by JCNC Membership on October 28, 2000)


“Jain food is a vegetarian food that does not contains meat, seafood, poultry and eggs in any form. The food must not contain any animal by-products in any form, such as lard, chicken-broth, gelatin or gelatin products. Besides, that a Jain food should not contain honey, Maakhan, eggplant, any root vegetables (kandmul) such as potatoes, onion, garlic, carrots, green ginger, green turmeric, radish, beet, yams, tubers, or any edible that grows under ground and under water such as water-chestnut. Use of dried ginger and turmeric powder is permitted. Alcohol beverages, smoking, chewing tobacco, use of intoxicating drugs are not permitted.”


Note: Please givea copy of  this food definition to everyone who may bring food items to the premises as they are not allowed to bring any food that does not meet these guidelines (whether or not it is to be consumed)



Q42: Can we order food from outside and have it delivered?

a42: Yes as long as it follows our Jain food policy. Caterer should carry the his own insurance.


Q43: Do we have to order food from a specific place?

a43: No. it is renter’s choice. As long as it comply jain food definition.


Serving Food:

Q22. Serving food other then dining room?

a22: not allowed unless it is Banquet style setup in auditorium.



Chairs and Tables:

Q30. How many chairs and tables available and price?

Q30: 500 chairs, 50 tables available at no cost when you rent JCNC facility. Only to be used with in Jcnc bhavan.



Q31. Will you set the chairs for my events?

a31: renter is responsible for setting up chairs.

All tables and chairs which are provided must be left clean in the original places.

All garbage should be tied in the plastic bag and should be put away in the garbage disposal container.

All kitchen floors, stoves and all the facility should be left clean.

All the Auditorium hall and other rooms will be left clean.

Applicant is responsible for removing all the decorations, rearrangement of chairs and tables and clean up associated with the vent and must be responsible for the removal of left over food from the kitchen area.


Havan Kund:

Q32. Havan kund (small fire setup) during the puja is allowed?

Q32: Yes but you have to pay 100$ fire insurance.




Q36. Tent in parking lot

a36: not allowed.


Rental Rules:

Q37: what are the rental rules?



Security Deposit:

Q38: Security Deposit?

a38: it is mandatory to pay refundable (if no over time or cleaning charges) deposit (20% of rental charges or 200$ whichever is maximum).

deposits are refunded with in 4 weeks after the event date. If not refunded please send a mail to with event details,name , address ,deposit amount to process the payment.


Q45: I didn’t get my security deposit back?

A45:It takes 3-4 weeks after the event date. Please send a mail to make sure you include:



Q39: Whom should I make payment to?

a39: Write a check in favor of: JCNC

Mail the check or give it in person during office hours. You can check with rental team at


Cleaning Supplies:

Q41: Do you provide any cleaning supply or trash bags ?

a41: No. It is renter’s responsibilities to bring everything they need.



Q44:Do you charge extra if event goes overtime?

a44:Yes. we do charge based on extra usage. If there is an another event scheduled after your event then it is even not possible to go over the rental time mentioned on contract. Renters are recommended to book the event with some room to adjust the overtime to avoid overtime situation.



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