0-6 WEEKS:

When child is awake-- *keep close and touch a lot, hold him/her and sing songs (helps him/her feel secure and learn to trust people)  *When on the floor mat, put on tummy (learn to hold up head) *Show him/her bright colors and black/white pictures, as well as toys, appx 12 in from face (to stimulate vision)—most of the time he/she will be sleeping at which time classical music will be playing.

1 ½-3 MONTHS:

*show simple objects and colors, say what they are and move them for him/her to follow with his/her eyes *tummy time on mat *let him/her feel different things with his/her hands *talk, READ, and sing to him/her *take into different rooms, show and tell what different things are *play songs with words and nursery rhymes


*cause and effect/reaction games *depth perception activities *give her/him things to reach for with different textures *sing songs with rhymes *read books with bright colors *sit up with props, giver her/him “hand” and “mouth” toys *play patty cake *use mirrors *solid foods 4-6 mo, introduce sippy cup and spoon


*concentrate on size and shape *sippy cup *encourage movement toward object (move away from her/him and have her/him come get object) * back and tummy mat time *hold hands and have her walk through the house * bubbles * cover toys and have her find them *make letter sounds over, over and over again, have child repeat sound *show lots of pictures and read lots of books

9-12 MONTHS:

*concentrate on sounds and music * abc sounds and names *show objects and say names *songs, rhymes and words over and over *point at posters every day, have child put too and say the names *simple conceptions and meanings (i.e. over/under) *books, books, books


*will follow the home preschool schedule with music time, singing songs and dancing *point at posters *each week learn about a specific theme, shape, color, number, letter and concept; the activities of the day will include language, science, math, fine and gross motor skills, manipulates, social skills, art, dramatic play, etc