Just a few words to congratulate all participants who have been enthusiastically working on the different activities planned for the week. You are brilliant stars!!! Keep on working and enjoying the Podcasting session.


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Week 1. Activity 2.

Podcasting for the ESL-EFL Classroom

Moderators: Evelyn Izquierdo, Miguel Mendoza, Teadira Pérez & José Rodríguez


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Week 1

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Audrey Gutierrez



Where do they work?

Really cute “I have to do what?” (3Kits HEather)

0. Miguel Mendoza



I really enjoyed viewing your lovely glog, Mike. (Janet) Thanks Janet;) (Miguel)Lot’s to hear!(Maizie) Thanks Miguel

I liked the dog very much. :-) (Roxy) Thanks Miguel

Loved your glog! That’s also one of my favourite poems by Mario Benedetti! ( Monica S) (Benedetti rocks:) Miguel

I liked the photo of your mum and what u wrote about her. . Beautiful pics. (Liliana S) (Thanks Miguel=)

Miguel, I really liked how clean and neat it all looked. I think having the photo captions help all look very professional. I loved the birds in the background. (Laura)

Miguel works in Caracas (John). Well I do Jhon:)

0. Teadira Pérez



Nice photos of Venezuela! (John)Loved your glog!(Janet)Love your photos!(Maizie) Thanks :) Teadira

Nice family! (Roxy) Thanks :) Teadira  and what looks like a good size bday cake :) (Zeynep)

I had mentioned this before, but I’llll repeat it: What a beautiful city. I love  Mérida! Your glog makes me fly and imagine I am there. Thank you! Your glog is an inspiration. (Evelyn)

I liked the photo of your university Beautiful country, I have friends from Venezuela. They are so chevere!!. (Liliana S)

0. Evelyn Izquierdo


(Audacity file)


I like your style, it’s like story-telling.(Ricky) I love the way you have organised your fab glog! (Janet)You’re a real pro - I can’t wait to learn from you!(Maizie)

I like the fact that you can add video, audio and many many nice things to your glog. (Roxy)

Really enjoyed the podcast! (kerry) Thanks so much, Ricky, Janet, Maizie, Roxy and Kerry,  for your sweet comments. (Evelyn)

Wonderful glog ?Beautiful family!I Beautiful pics. (Liliana S) Thanks a bunch, Liliana! (Evelyn)

Evelyn, I loved the music and the audio file. I like the display of photos and your style. (Laura)

Evelyn -I like how you had exciting music in the background as you you made your presentation!

Steve K

ve1.  Kerry

(Audacity file)


my glog  has a podcast to listen to

I feel the same way about using technology. Here’s to improving our relationship with digital tools! (Audrey)

Cool pic of you using technology :-)(Janet)What a beautiful place you live in!(Maizie)

I know you will learn how to podcast very very soon! (Roxy)

Maja works in Uzice, Serbia - she teaches piano to young people at a music school. (kerry)

Jennifer works at Delaware County Community College outside Philadelphia.


Yes! Thank you! It seems that my English is not so bad! :) Should we write this next to glog owner's cell?  (Maja)

Kerry works in Vancouver Community College and Vancouver British Columbia, Canada (Maja)

Kerry, I like your glogster

and your voice! :) (Maja)

Thanks, Maja (kerry)

Great start, Kerry! Neat work. I love your voice. :-) (Evelyn)

2. Sandra Rogers

(Audacity file)


I did this awhile back and keep adding stuff to it like audio files.  

You’re areal pro!(Maizie)

Very impressive.  I wish I had your graphic design skills.  (John)

I checked your blog. Nice halloween song hahaha (Roxy)

I love your high-tech Glog, especially the way you’ve added the small profile pics around it.  Also the clever cartoon image of yourself in the middle.  Is it BeFunky? (Janet)

Lovely glog, Sandra! Thumbs up!

I’ m happy to know more about you. I didn't know you had Latin roots and taught Spanish. Great! Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave you a message on your glog.  I have to belong to your class to be able to comment. :-(  (Evelyn)

Sandra says: Thanks for your comments everybody!  Evelyn, I didn’t know that about my glog.  I will have to visit the settings of my Glog, so that anybody can post.   No wonder I never got any comments.  I can see there have been many visitors.

Sandra teaches both English and Spanish at the elementary and university level. Great glog!  --Jenn C

I love your sweet voice, Sandra, and also the idea of a bilingual glog. You are very smart! (Evelyn)

3. Sophia Danesino

(Audacity file)


Sophia, I also like mountains! So nice pics! :) (Maja)

I couldn’t open your glog :-( (Roxy)

I do not understand why as it’s public... sorry! (Sophia)

I’ve just viewed your fab Glog and left a comment.  I had no problem opening it. Lovely photos of the history of Italy!! (Janet)

I love your glog, Sophia. You have beautiful photos! Congrats. I was also enjoying your podcast, but it suddenly stopped. I wonder why. :-( (Evelyn)

(4. Ricky Rutledge


Ricky, when I feel tired, I'll visit your glogster! :) (Maja) I have 2 kids in NZ its SO beautiful!(Maizie) What pictures ! (céline)

I would love to visit Colombia someday. (Roxy)

I’m a JAFA, but live in Canada now so that makes it ok, right? (kerry)

My daughter just spent three months in NZ, it must be a marvellous country! (Sophia)

Great glog!!!  It really tells a lot about you (Cristina)

What lovely photos - makes me want to visit the places you’ve shown us on your Glog! (Janet) nice beach pics, made me feel even more summersick (zeynep)

5. Elisa Carpenter


Oh, this is so cute! I love all those colors!!! :) So warm and lovely! :) (Maja) I love Rome!(Maizie)

The kiss was really funny...(Roxy)

Yes, I love the kiss, too- really cute!  I hope to have a scooter one day, like you.  Maybe a Vespa or Lambretta would be cool!  Lovely Glog! (Janet)

Elisa, I really like how you supported your Audio with background music and images. Excellent! (Steve K)

6. Janet Bianchini



Your glog is so nice ! (celine)I liked ALL your Glogs!(Maizie) Thanks Celine & Maizie!  (Janet) Great glog (Teadira) Thanks! (Janet)

I would love to go to Italy sometime. (Roxy) Hope you get there one day, as it’s beautiful! (janet) So cute!!!!! Love it! Beautiful pictures and design. Congrats! (Evelyn) Great Glog, Janet. It really shows your world and your interests. Very visual. (Natasa)Thanks so much,Evelyn & Natasa!(Janet)

Janet does a variety of jobs. She teaches online and she attends and presents at webinars.


P.S. Dear Janet, can you tell me how you put the link to your blog into your glog?

7. Celine Laboisse

(Audacity file)


Audacity file

Nice flow...I’ve got a lot to learn!(Ricky)

I like your world!

Just commented on your glog.  It looks lovely! (Janet) Thanks  ! (céline )

Celine works in two villages, near Clermont- Ferrand. Have been teaching for 5 years. (Maja)

You’ve a very good British accent!! (Sophia)  Thanks a million Sophia ! celine

8. Maja Dakic-Brkovic

(Audacity file)


Audacity file

Must be cold where you are!(Maizie)

The National Park looks fantastic!  I live near one, too, here in Abruzzo :-) (Janet)

So young and so fresh! (Elisa)

Thank you, all! :) (Maja)

Lovely :) (Rabia)

Music teacher at the Music school in Uzice. (Great background music. I would like to try that sometime.)  --Jenn C.

 I agree with Jenn: you play the piano very well. (Sophia)

9. John Zinck

(Audacity file)


The video was interesting!(Maizie)

The video is funny and you could create a nice glog.  Best way to start: trying again and again and again and...   once again. (Cristina)

John, I listened to your Audacity file. That’s a good idea of yours to incporporate in your classroom. I hope to do the same. (Steve K)

10. Maizie Avihayil


I really like the very effective  wall background and the live links to your class blog. (Janet)

I also love to knit, cook and make jewellry (kerry)

Nice glog. Simple, clear and beautiful (Elisa)

Lovely!!!!  A few words, a lot of meaning!!!!  (Cristina)

11. Natasa Bozic Grojic

(Audacity file)


+ Audacity file

Congratulations on your fab glog, Natasa!  I love the Animoto video and how all the images are arranged. (Janet) Wow, Natasa. I really enjoyed your glog and Animoto presentation. Gorgeous! You’ve got an A+. (Evelyn) Thanks (Natasa)

Great glog Natasa! Congratulatios. I liked everything. (Katerina)

Natasa has taught at a private language school in Sebia for 22 years.  It was founded in 1933 and it’s the oldest school in her country. I love your voice, Natasa! (Janet)

Thanks, dear Janet. 100% accurate, by the way:)

12.Elisabetta Nanni


Lovely glog, Elisnan! Very interactive. I love it!

Congratulations! (Evelyn)

I discovered we’ve a lot in common: I was in Genova at ABCD 201 and I use WiiLD too! (Sophia)

Enjoyed viewing your lovely glog and trying out the live links!! I love the Wordles you’ve used in your Youtube video. (Janet)

I loved you glog. It looks plain but includes everything. (Rabia)

Hi Elisabette,  I loved your glog.  It’s brief but tells so much.  Harpsichord!  I’m so jealous. (Michelle)

It is beautiful. I didn’t see a podcast but by the videos, it seems you teach in Italy? (3Kits-Heather)

13. Gabriela Sellart


Hey Gabriela. Nice audio files! What did you use to record them? BTW, great pics! (Miguel)

Wow, Gabriela, what a fortune! Your aunt looks great. You all must be very proud of her. You have beautiful pics here! Have you taken them by yourself? (Evelyn) Great, Gabriela. And you have already started podcasting! (Natasa)

I love all the images and the audio files are very clear.  I can’t wait to embed some audio like yours onto my Glog! (Janet)

Gabriela works in Buenos Aires.(zeynep)

14. Steve Kottenstette


What a fantastic way to show what/how you teach, Steve! Hats off to you!(Miguel) .

Hi Stever Did you add audio?  I was checking out your Glog.  I used to teach in the Peace Corps in a remote area, so your images brought back memories.  Nice idea to share! (Sandra)

Sandra I just added audio (Fri nite) Please share some of your PC stories with me when you have time. Thanks! (Steve K)

Yes -I added Audio 1-20-12

I liked the idea of the ideas in teaching in another country. You taught in Costa Rica--cool. (3Kits-Heather)

15. Alexandra Chistyakova

(Audacity file)


Fantastic work, Alexandra!!  Great choice of images,  really meaningful.  (Cristina)

Hi Alexandra - I agree with Christina.  Your choice of pictures are great.  I really like how your love of nature shows through. (Michelle)

Hi alexandra, Nice pcitures as well as background setting. (Pavle)

English Teacher - Moscow University (Peter L) (What a great place to work!)

16. Stella Saubidet


Great jobs! When I know a lot I’ll be able to take pics like Gabriela’s or make videos like Natasa’s: EXCELLENT JOBS! I could go on and on: Maizie’s glog is so cute...(Sorry, this is a comment for ME: I promise I will learn from you @ll. This is a humble Glog)

I like your blog, Stella (Liliana S)

17. Rabia Akcay


Like shopping? How come?=)from an article I read it is becoming a man thing as well. Do you agree? Lovely green wig=) (Miguel)

I gave a seminar with that green  wig on  my head :) With online shopping men started to like it :)(Rabia) Merhaba Rabia! nice blog :) (zeynep)

18. Andrew Matusick

(Audacity file)


Audacity File

Hey Andy Great music. A passionate about music, reading and nature...Great. Which of the 4 guys in the picture is you? (Miguel)

Hi Andy, I like how simple yet expressive your glog is.  I really liked the footprints and signposts and look forward to how it will change once we learn how to add sound. (Michelle)

I like the Irish sounding music. (Heather -3Kits) Hi Andrew, love the Irish music ( Ernesto L)

Hi Miguel, I’m the 2nd guy in from the right.  They’re my brothers.

Hi Andy, nice Glog! Very clear podcast, too and lovely music.  Good luck with your teaching at the end of the year.  

You would love Abruzzo for skiing & snowboarding! (Janet)

19. Cristina Reboredo

(Audacity file)


I could have a good laugh with “the Modern School Teacher” cartoon! You made my day:) . Lovely family and cat and great name for a language center: Imagine! (Miguel)

Christina, I liked your collage of images. (Sandra)

Christina, I really liked both the cartoons on your glog.  I also liked that you shared so much but it doesn’t feel croweded at all - wish I could do that.  My first attempt was hideous. (Michelle)

Hi Christina. Paloma and Morena are gorgeous - I have four cats at home. (Mario)

I like the pics. (Heather- 3Kits) Hi Cristina!  I love the cartoons on your blog, they’re hilarious! (Ernesto L)

Very nice presentation, Cristina!  I have 5 cats here in Abruzzo :-) (Janet)

20. Matthew Noble




Hey Matt. Hope you can add audio to your glog when using Audacity in Week 2. (Miguel)

Very cool teaching and meeting your wife in Thailand.  How long were you there? (3Kits-Heather)

About 6 years. I loved teaching and living there. Can’t wait to get back!

21.  Michelle Doherty

(Audacity file)


cute niece (zeynep)

Prague is one of the cities I wanna go to. Your cat is huge! (Mario)

very family style glog. I guess the contrast between aussie and Prague weahter is stark as well as motivating in some sense. (Pavle)

Hi Michelle,

I really like your glog and the audio. I guess you probably work with Kylie right? I worked in Brno for 3 years and loved it but don’t miss the snow ;)


22. Indrit Bulku


Did you like in Prague? And yet another lovely beach picture.. :) (Zeynep)

I found the pictures from Qatar and the colleague interview interesting and well done. (Heather)

23. Gabriel Diaz


I loved your glog, nice photos and video.(Rabia)

Wow! Peru seems to be a beautiful country. (Marcela)

What a great glog. It’s so engaging and makes me come to Peru one day and enjoy the amazing beauty of your country. Congratulations (Indrit)

24. Liliana Simon

Audacity audio file

I was stuck with Audacity I had a version that didn’t work well (couldn’t export my audio as mp3) After hours of struggling I realized that the audacity prog I had downloaded wasn´t for Windows7. Then it worked perfectly. Maybe this can help someone.


Congrats Liliana! Your glog is excellent, you’re very skillful! (Marcela)

You are really active on the Internet. Are u a Estudiantes fan? Veron is an outstanding player (Mario)Yes, I am a Estudiantes de La Plata supporter. Veron, the best!!!!! Together with Messi.

cool Glog Lili. It’ great to see you here! srella:-)

I’m an   English as a foreign language.I’vw worked in  primary secondary / University level and private classes and institutions in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Arentina..

I administrate my faculty e-learning plataforms. I coordinate DE tasks in my University. I ‘ve coordinated the ConectaI gualdad programme (1-1 model) in my province. At the moment I’m working as a facilitator for the British Council in Bs As in the e-sharing for English Summer School.

25. Marcela Quesada


ahh lovely Costa Rica beaches- great country indeed!! (zeynep)

Great Beaches in Costa Rica! (Mario)

26, Zeynep Cagatay

(Audacity file)


(Audacity file)

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the view. (Heather)  :) (zeynep)

Hi Zeynep. Great to see a picture of the Czech Republic (I lived in Brno for 3 years). Really like your black and grey style. (Sandy)  

Hi Zeynep,

Great to see so many IH Praguers on here :)


27. John Conway


I liked the motion effects and pics. Interesting to get an idea of the country there. (Heather)

Cool animation! I loved the background!  (Jenn C.)

John works as a teacher in Ereván, Armenia Capital City.  Lovely Glog, John!!!!(Cristina)

28. Mario Suarez

Click to check Glog

Hi Mario. Great minds think alike - you chose the same background as me ;) I like the kind of pictures you chose. I love music and films too. (Sandy)  Hi Mario, I love the Who’s your chef pic. (Ernesto L)

29. Sandy Millin

(Audacity file)

http://www.glogster.com/sandymillin/sandy-s-glog/g-6lq6jhdepo4m80bi50kt6a0?s=nameglog http://www.glogster.com/sandymillin/sandy-s-glog/g-6lq6jhdepo4m80bi50kt6a0?s=nameglog

Hi Sandy! Lovely glog. I love the video (Ernesto L) It looks like you have SO much fun in your classes! (Beth)

Lovely Glog, and a fab Youtube video of the fun lessons :-)  (Janet)

Thanks! Sandy

As she wrote, she works in New Castle, England, and worked in Czech Republic, but also in Asunción, Paraguay.  Great glog, Sandy!!!!!  Cristina.

30.Hind Sinada


Hi Christina,I lked the animation you added to your glog.Alxandra  I like your images as well.

Nice choice of song to go with the video (Michelle)

31. Heather


Hi Heather! Nice touch with Abraham L videos (Ernesto L)  Hi Heather. Great job with the links on the glog and making it really educational. Neat! (Jenn C.)Really impressive (John C)

32. Monica Sanin


Hi Monica! Nice glog. Argentina is on my list of countries I am planning to visit soon ( Ernesto L)

Monica! I loved the music! (Beth)

Piazolla is great! Never heard it before. Thanks! (Peter L)

33. Ernesto Lisboa

(Audacity file)


Good job on blog. You have had some cool places to live. I would love to see Scotland. (Heather-3Kits)

Nice blog!  You seem to enjoy beaches!

Ernesto works somewhere around  the world teaching ESP, Business English, Spanish, French. He has a nice voice. :))))


34. Beth Evans


Nice blog. Looks like you are busy (Heather 3Kits)

Hi! Your glog looks really fun! I like the simple format. It’s easy to follow. (Jenn C.)

35. Jennifer Conley

(Audacity file)


I’ve added a short podcast from audacity.

Your blog is neat. Best wishes to the new parents.(Heather- 3 Kits)

Congrats! Amazing view. If you live there, I am very jealous :) (Peter L) Nice glog and like the embedded vid!(John C.)

ESL teacher - Delware County Community College (Peter L)

36. Pavle Luger


What a pretty view  Great Job. (3Kits-Heather)

Nice message. Interesting painting in your photo :) (Peter L)

37. Peter Lane

(Audacity file)


(Audacity file included)

taught in Japanese high schools for the last 3 years, back home (ireland) now and is doing some voluntary work in the local community center (Celine )

38. Maria Lisak


Nice work Maria. Nice pictures put together to tell your story.(Katerina)

39. Kiordis Bracho


40. Laura Gang

Please let me know it you can see it!!!


Hi Laura,  I liked your glog - it’s very simple but tells quite a bit.  Gorgeous children. (Michelle)

Nice music with the picture of your children. (Michelle)

I like your theme: Live, Love, Laugh as well as the music!!


41.Talat Jehan


42. Margarita Kalyuzhna


43. Sophie Cholewka

Audacity file


Audacity file

Nice pictures and nice family Sophie!(Katerina)

Sophie works in Melbourne, Australia teaching English to adult migrants from all over the world.

44. Katerina Chalkia

Audacity file