We offer visitors the opportunity to experience gliding with one of our qualified instructors who will take you soaring in one of our modern gliders.  You can learn to handle the controls or just sit back and enjoy the views, most of our visitors tell us its an experience they will never forget.  Some enjoy it so much they join the club and learn to fly.

Simply purchase a gift voucher, phone the club to book your preferred day and time and then come along to enjoy the experience. Please note that we only fly at weekends.

Our Air Experience flights include:


There are four main parts to your Air Experience flight, preparing to fly, the aerotow, the flight and then the approach and landing.  Once you have landed you will probably have lots of questions and will want to fly again.  Our experienced instructors will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your flight and about learning to become a glider pilot.

Prepare to Fly

The flight starts with a briefing from the instructor to familiarise you with the glider and to give to details of the flight.

You are then strapped in and made comfortable before the canopy is closed and you are ready to go.

The tow plane will line up ahead of the glider and a rope will be attached to the glider to allow the tow plane to take you up.

The Aerotow

The first part of the flight involves the glider being towed up to 2500ft and this takes about five minutes.  

The tow pilot will look for areas where there may be rising air in order that your instructor can give you the best flight possible.  

When you first take off you will see many ground features in detail with more of the spectacular northumberland countryside coming into view as you climb higher.

The Flight

At 2500ft your instructor will pull the yellow knob in the cockpit to release the tow rope and the tug will fly away to the right leaving you to soar in silence.  

Sit back and admire the views of the sea, Holy Island and of course the Cheviots with their ancient forts and rich history.  This is  a great time to take photographs and the large clear canopy of the glider makes this easy to do.

If you have indicated that you would like to learn how to use the controls the instructor will begin teaching you how to fly the glider.

Approach and Landing

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and eventually it will be time to land.  

Your instructor will go through the pre-landing checks with you including making sure you are comfortable with your straps tight.

The glider will follow the circuit pattern for that day and then you will see the runway directly ahead as you descend and finally land smoothly on the grass.

I want to do that again!

After a short ground run the glider will come to a halt and its time to grab your camera and climb out the cockpit.  

Your instructor will go over the flight with you on the walk back to the launch point and answer any questions you may have.

“When can I do it again?” is the most common question we are asked.  Because of this we have included a three month temporary membership with our trial flight voucher which means you can fly with us at weekends at normal club rates during that time.