Database Design (BIT 275)

Students learn the basics of the planning and design of relational databases and the use of the Structured Query Language (SQL). Students gain hands-on experience in implementing database solutions based on criteria obtained during client-programmer role-playing exercises. Topics of study include information design, data tables and the forming of complex queries as well as implementation planning.

Prerequisites: Completion of BIT 158 and BIT 159 with grades of 2 grades of at least 2.0 or co-enrollment or evidence of work at or above that level.


Course Schedule:



Skill Standards Criteria

  1. Gather data to effectively identify customer requirements
  2. Accurately and appropriately define the project scope of work
  3. Establish a comprehensive project timeline
  4. Develop and present design concept alternatives
  5. Create and refine preliminary designs
  6. Develop comprehensive entity-relationship model
  7. Implement an effective data design that insures data integrity
  8. Hand-off deliverables within schedule to client/development team
  9. Prepare professional quality deliverables that fully satisfy project scope
  10. Completely document data design

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