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The Quiz activity allows you to create tests and adaptive learning assessments.  Moodle ISU can automatically grade many of the question types and place the overall score in the gradebook.

This Guide will help you to:

Note: For information on the Question bank, creating questions, and question settings, please refer to the Question Bank help guide.

Additional guides for more information about quizzes:

Creating a Quiz

To add a quiz into your course:

  1. Turn Editing On. For more information please see Moodle ISU Overview.
  2. Locate the week/topic of your course where you would like to add the Quiz and Click on the Add an activity or resource.

  1. Click on the Quiz option and then the Add button. This will take you to the Adding a New Quiz page.

The General Section

  1. In the Name field, Type the name of the Quiz.  This will show to the students on the front page.  You can name the quiz to match your syllabus i.e., Exam 1, Test on Chapter 4, Weekly Quiz 7, etc.
  2. In the Description field, Type any instructions or reminders for your students.  They will see these instructions before they begin the quiz activity.

Note: The Open/Close times and the Time Limit will automatically be displayed in addition to the instructions.

  1. To set an open date and time, at the end of the Open the Quiz line, Click on the Enable box.  
  1. This option determines the beginning of the window when the students will be able to begin taking the quiz.
  2. Click on the Open the Quiz dropdown menus to select the desired date and time.

Note: If you do not enable the Open the Quiz option, the students can take the quiz at any time.

Note: Moodle uses a 24 hour clock, so 5:00 pm is 17:00.  Midnight is 0:00, or the first hour of the day.  We strongly suggest NOT using midnight.  Friday at midnight will be displayed Saturday at 0:00 and may cause confusion.

  1. To set a close date and time, at the end of the Close the Quiz line, Click on the Enable box.  
  1. This option determines the end of the window when students can take the quiz.  If a student is taking a quiz and the close date/time or the time limit hits, the quiz will automatically close, even if the student has not completed the quiz.
  2. Click on the Close the Quiz dropdown menus to select the desired date and time.

Note: ISU Maintenance on IT services may be any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday beginning at 11:00 pm through 6:00 am the following day.  We strongly suggest NOT having any close times during these windows.

  1. To set a time limit, at the end of the Time limit line, Click the Enable box.
  1. If enabled, a floating timer window will be shown with a countdown. When the time limit is up, the quiz is submitted automatically with whatever answers have been saved.
  2. Type in the Time Limit fields to set the time limit.
  3. Select from the dropdown menu, minutes, seconds, hours or days.

  1. Instructors can select how Moodle handles submissions if students exceed their quiz time limit from the When time expires dropdown menu.

  1. If you selected the option to allow a grace period for open attempts, then you can enter the number of minutes that the students will be able to submit the quiz. Click on the Enable check box to enter the Submission Grace period.

The Grade Section

  1. In the Grade Category dropdown menu, Select the appropriate category from your gradebook if you wish to place the quiz in a category.

Note: You must first create a category in your gradebook for it to show up on this list.  For information about creating categories in your gradebook, see the Gradebook Handout.

  1. In the Attempts Allowed dropdown menu, Select how many times a student may attempt the quiz.

Note: Multiple attempts can be used with adaptive mode to create a learning activity rather than an assessment.

  1. In the Grading Method dropdown menu, Select how the grade will be determined.
  1. Highest grade, will take the highest grade of all attempts.
  2. Average grade, will average (mean) of all attempts.
  3. First attempt, will take the student’s first attempt as the final grade for the quiz, regardless of any other attempts.
  4. Last attempt, will take the student’s last attempt as the final grade for the quiz.

Note: if you have selected one attempt in the Attempts Allowed dropdown menu, the Grading Method dropdown menu will be grayed out.

The Layout Section

  1. In the Question Order dropdown menu, Select the order of the questions displayed to the students.
  1. In the New Page dropdown menu, Select how many questions will be shown per page.

Hot Tip: On the edit screen where you add questions, you can vary the number of questions per page.  Thus you can have 3 pages of 5 multiple choice questions followed by 2 pages with one essay question per page.

The Question Behavior Section

  1. In the Shuffle within Questions dropdown menu, Select yes or no.

Note: If you have any answers which state “All of the above” or “D and A”, you will need to either change the wording of the answer options or select No in the Shuffle within questions.

  1. In the How Questions Behave dropdown menu, Select one of the following options:

Note: All Feedback viewing options are determined in the Review Options Section.

Note: The following option is only available if you have clicked on the Show Advance button.         

  1. If you have selected more than one attempt, in the Each Attempt Builds on the Last dropdown menu, Select yes or no.
  1. Yes, will have the results of the previous attempt in each new attempt.
  2. No, will have the student begin with a brand new quiz with each new attempt.

The Review Options Section

This section allows you to set how much and when you will allow the students to review the quiz.  For each time frame you will select which options you want the students to see.

The four time frames are as follows:

Note: some review options will be unavailable and grayed out based on what options you have selected above. For more information please contact the ITRC.

The Display Section

  1. In the Show the user’s picture dropdown menu, Select yes or no.
  1. Yes, will display the student’s name and picture on-screen during the attempt, and on the review screen.  This is for a proctored setting.
  2. No, will not display the student’s name and picture.
  1. In the Decimal places in grades dropdown menu, Select the number of decimal places for the grade.  This setting is for the overall grade.
  2. In the Decimal places in question grades dropdown menu, Select the number decimal places for individual question scores. This setting specifies the number of digits shown after the decimal point when displaying the grades for individual questions.

Note: The following option is only available if you have clicked on the Show more button.

  1. In the Show blocks during quiz attempts dropdown menu, Select Yes or No.
  1. Yes, will display the side blocks during the quiz attempt.
  2. No, will hide all side blocks, except the quiz navigation, during the quiz attempt.

The Extra Restrictions on Attempts Section

  1. If you would like to require a password for the quiz, in the Require Password field, Type the password.  The password is case-sensitive.

Note: Check the Unmask box to see what you are typing.

  1. If you would like to restrict students to a specific computer, computer lab or on campus computer, in the Require Network Address field, Type the IP address or partial IP address.  Before using this option, please contact the ITRC for assistance.
  2. If you would like students to wait before proceeding to a second attempt, in the Enforce Delay Between 1st and 2nd Attempts fields, Enter the time required to wait.
  3. If you would like student to wait before proceeding to the third, fourth, and following attempts, in the Enforce Delay Between Later Attempts fields, Enter the time required to wait.

Note: The following option is only available if you have clicked on the Show Advance button.

  1. For minimal, additional browser security, in the Browser Security dropdown menu, Select Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security. If this option is selected, the quiz will only start if the student has a JavaScript-enabled web-browser, and the quiz appears in a full screen pop-up window that covers all the other windows and has no navigation controls. This limits students, as far as is possible, from using facilities like copy and paste.

The Overall Feedback Section

This is where you will enter the Overall Feedback for this quiz.  If you have checked any of the Overall Feedback boxes in the Review Options Section, you will want to enter the feedback below.

  1. Type the feedback into the Feedback text box
  2. Type the lower grade boundary (e.g. 90%) into the Grade boundary text box
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have feedback for the grade boundaries from 0 to 100%

Common Module Options
For more information on common module settings please see Groups and Groupings.
Restrict Access
For more information on restricting access please see Moodle ISU 2 Overview.
Activity Completion
For more information on activity completion please see Activity Completion.

Once you have everything set:

For more Information please visit http://docs.moodle.org/2.5/en/Quiz_module

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