Quiz: Overview  Moodle ISU


This is an overview of all the Quiz guides.  There are three main steps in creating a quiz.  The handouts are organized following the three-step process and actions for after the quiz is completed.

This overview is divided into the following sections:

Step 1: Adding/Organizing Questions in the Question Bank

The handouts listed below cover the different styles of questions which can be included in a quiz and organizing your question bank.  Organizing your question bank is important for several of the options available in the quiz tool. There are also instructions for importing questions from various publisher test banks.

Step 2: Creating a Quiz in Moodle ISU

The handouts listed below cover how to create the Quiz on your main course page and describe the various setting options. There is also one specific to adding user and group overrides for students needing accommodations, exceptions, or a different testing time.

Step 3: Adding Questions to a Quiz in Moodle ISU

The handouts listed below cover how to add questions to the Quiz from your Question Bank and how to change the options in the Edit quiz section by utilizing the tabs Editing quiz and Order and paging.

After the Quiz - Grading and Statistics

The handouts listed below cover manual grading and statistics information available after students have completed the quiz.

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