My Share Event and End of Year Party


Dear Yokohama JALT Members,


Our final event of 2012 is a "My Share" at Kannai Hall which will be followed by our annual party at Baird Brewery, also in Kannai.



December 16th, 2012

from 1pm to 4:45pm.

Kannai Hall



Our Party will be from 5pm to 7pm at the Bashamichi Taproom


For the My Share, feel free just to turn up and share an activity if you would like.  However, since several time slots have already been claimed and you want to make sure you will have time to present, please email with a title and how long you need (from 5-30 mins) and we will make sure you have a spot on the schedule. Please make 25 copies of any materials you would like to share.


If you just want to come and gain some lesson ideas, by all means!  This type of event is certainly "the more the merrier".


Slots claimed so far are as follows:

Matthew Shannon: Build a Town (10 mins)

Abstract: "Build a Town" is a city-building game used to develop decision-making, presentation and debate skills. Two or more groups receive a uniform map with open spaces in which building cards may be placed; these cards depict shops, public services, leisure activities, and more. A short version of the game will be played, with the winners receiving a special prize.

Bio: Matt Shannon is an educator, cultivator and curriculum developer who works with elementary and junior high school students in Saitama, Japan. His goal is to provide real-world opportunities for EFL learners, specifically in the areas of science, journalism, and debate.

John Finucane: Daiso iPad (10 mins)

Abstract: A simple idea to help lower level classes produce written English.

Bio: John Finucane is an EFL Professional. He is the President and co-founder of さいたま市教育家会 (SCE). His interests are writing, teacher training, event planning, debate, critical thinking and LEGO. Find out more at

Brad Semans: Attention! A personal teaching profile (10 mins)

Abstract: In this short workshop a continuum of ways in which teachers

hold students attention will be presented and briefly discussed.

Participants will then profile their own teaching and share this

profile with the group.

Bio: Brad Semans has more than 10 years of experience teaching in a wide variety of situations here in Japan. For the last three years he has worked as Saitama CIty's Head ALT Instructor, leading a team of ALT Instructors to develop curricula, train teachers, and improve language education in the City. His research interests include application of SLA theory to teaching young ELLs, effective teacher development, and teacher accountability.

Brett Milliner - Student comment sheets

Abstract: This presentation aims to share a very simple action research device which matured into an effective classroom management tool for the author’s university classes.

Bio: Brett Milliner is from Brisbane, Australia. He has been teaching EFL Japan for the last 10 years. He is a part-time lecturer at Ferris, Keio and Tokai Universities where he teaches presentation skills, academic writing, listening and conversation skills. His research interests include computer assisted language learning and motivation. Brett is also a senior yoga teacher at Kamakura Yoga Society.

Dan Ferreira - Post Free Writing Corrective Feedback

Abstract: Elbow, (1998) observes that freewriting, if done frequently, can increase the writer’s ability to produce more words easily partly because it is an opportunity for the writer’s to explore writing without worrying about making mistakes. Although we want to encourage our students to view mistakes as part of the learning process, it seems rather pointless to engage our students in free tasks if those mistakes aren’t addressed in a post-writing activity. In this presentation I will show how I have been addressing errors in free writing tasks using some tech resources while at the same safeguarding the anonymity of the writer hence encouraging them to still feel “free” to explore expression through writing.

Bio: Dan Ferreira has been teaching in Japan for ten years. He is currently in Yokohama and Tokyo. Some of his educational research interests are the development of learner autonomy practices in the classroom, developing effective pedagogical practices in teaching writing, and the using web 2.0 tools for effective instructional language learning purposes.

Lima Kimura - Improvisational Theater Games for EFL - 10 mins

Effective warm-up games, borrowed from 'Improvisational Theater' will be presented, with game instructions and URLs. These games will push students to speak on their feet, while they are engaged in a group activity in a fun way, building relationships with each other. It also encourages them to use their 'wit' and 'humor' in another language, responding to what is happening in that moment.

Tanya Erdelyi - Beginner level follow-up questions - 10 mins

Abstract: A simple way to help beginners learn how to ask follow-up questions by using language chunks and substitution.

Bio: Tanya Erdelyi is a Temple University graduate and a special instructor at Toyo Gakuin University. She also spent the past few years responsible for materials and curriculum design as the Materials Coordinator of a non-profit language school.