Members of the DP Planning Team painting at Public Art Workz, where we held our annual retreat earlier this month




This Month in the DP

The DP Planning Team held our annual retreat at Public Art Workz

We painted papillons to hang around the city

DP friend Chazz Miller and Planning Team members

A Successful Groupon Campaign

In September, the DP ran a fundraising campaign through Groupon's community outreach initiative, G-Team. 

Our "deal" was a fundraising effort to bring all of the kids from our tutoring programs at West Outer Drive United Methodist Church and All Saint's Neighborhood Center to the Detroit Science Center or another educational museum. Our goal was to bring at least 30 children but, thanks to friends of the DP just like you, we sold a total of 46 "deals." Anyone who makes a donation is also invited to attend the field trip on a date to be announced in a future newsletter.

In Case You Missed It

In August, the Detroit Partnership was featured in a Discovery Channel documentary about groups working to revitalize the city of Detroit.


Check out clips from the three part series.

The Discovery Channel visited several DP Day sites

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Weekly Programs Continued...

Tutoring at Mann Learning Community

We will be tutoring kids on Mondays after school at Mann Learning Community, a K-5 elementary school located on Detroit's west side. We will be tutoring kids during school hours. We will be helping with homework and keeping the kids entertained with activities (playing games, reading books etc.)

Lunch Hour Academic Enrichment at Bennett Elementary

Each week on Friday, we will be going to Bennett Elementary School in Southwest Detroit. This program will provide students at the elementary school with a series of academic enrichment activities, not limited to games which encourage creative and analytical thinking in addition to important team building activities.

Tutoring at Neinas Elementary School

We will be working with elementary age school kids, aiding the teachers in the classrooms with whatever they need. As the school year progresses, we will have the opportunity to coordinate lessons with the teachers and become more involved with curriculum enrichment.

Tutoring/College Prep at Amelia Earhart Elementary Middle School

We will be working with 6th graders at the newly renovated Earhart Elementary in Mexicantown. At first we'll be primarily assisting teachers around the classroom (the class sizes are very large and the teachers will definitely appreciate the extra help!) but eventually we'll also create college prep programs for the kids to motivate them to start thinking about applying to the few high schools in the DPS system that are “tracked” to college. We hope to be able to arrange a college tour for the kids later in the semester at the University.


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Eden Stiffman,

Publications Chair

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A Note from your Executive Director


Dear friends of The DP,

Welcome to the first Fall 2011 edition of Detroit in your Inbox! I'm Cassie Basler, the Executive Director of the Detroit Partnership. Though I would love to just jump in with all the exciting initiatives The DP has in the works this year, I’ll take some time to sum up what The Detroit Partnership is, and is not.

The Detroit Partnership is not:


However, The Detroit Partnership is a service-learning organization at the University of Michigan, led by a team of 56 students from areas as far as Singapore and Boston, and as near as Detroit's East Side and Ann Arbor. Though our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, we come together to share:

  • Enthusiasm for Detroit’s grassroots revitalization movements
  • Interest in the challenges and triumphs of the city
  • Passions for social justice and multiculturalism
  • The desire to connect with the Detroit community for the long-term


This semester, DP members pass their enthusiasm on to over 100 volunteers, who commit weekly to one of over 20 different Detroit community organizations running various youth programs. Through tutoring, fun, games, and conversations with youth and community leaders, DP volunteers gain a multifaceted view of Detroit as a community, a home, and a close neighbor.


To learn more, please enjoy reading about our partner programs and upcoming educational fieldtrips!  Thanks for your time.


Cassie Basler

          Executive Director, 2011-2012

Making a Difference through Weekly Programs

Other than our major annual events (DP Day and One Stop Shop) a major focus of our efforts as an organization are our weekly programs. This year we've hit the ground running. Just over a month into the semester, we have nearly 100 volunteers registered for programs at 20 different sites throughout the city. Read about each of the programs below!

Want to get involved? Sign up here to volunteer.

Tutoring at Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church

On Thursdays from 6-8, four or five volunteers end their school week by tutoring at Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Brightmoor.

The DP volunteers work with a group of students from the Mt. Vernon church and the surrounding community, working on their homework and doing practice problems and review sessions. The small group is provides a great opportunity to give each kid some one on one attention and help. We also have the opportunity to do extra activities with the kids including having spelling competitions, playing games, etc.

Leaps and Bounds

Volunteers at the Leaps and Bounds after school program help tutor students ranging from 3rd through 8th grade. There are also opportunities for lots of other fun activities like board games, cooking, and planning and facilitating special workshops.

State Identification Workshop

There are many structural barriers that prevent homeless and indigent individuals from obtaining state issued identification. Without identification, one cannot find long-term employment, housing and/or fulfill other basic needs. The Detroit Action Commonwealth (DAC), located on Detroit’s East Side at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, is a group led by homeless or previously homeless individuals that, among other initiatives, helps people obtain identification.

The DAC works with members of the homeless community by holding ID workshops every Friday following their weekly meeting. Volunteers attend these workshops and help people navigate the process of obtaining their state ID, birth certificate and other materials necessary for identification.

Homework Heroes Detroit Leadership Academy

The DLA is an amazing public charter school on 13550 Virgil Detroit whose mission is: “The Detroit Leadership Academy will provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which a diverse student population can learn, grow, and lead.” Aside from helping teachers dismiss students after class at 3pm, DP volunteers assist with the Homework Heroes afterschool program on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:30. Volunteers will help young students with their homework as well as do other fun activities like reading stories or holding spelling bees.

Tutoring at Racquet Up Detroit

Racquet Up Detroit is an organization devoted to supporting Detroit's youth through after-school Squash coaching and academic tutoring. DP volunteers mainly help with tutoring. The program runs from 4pm to 6:45pm on Tuesdays.

Tutoring at St. Vincent's Sarah Fischer Center

On Tuesday afternoons, DP volunteers tutor 2nd grade students at the St. Vincent and Sarah Fischer Center. Each volunteer is paired up with a student in order to give him/her one on one help in math and reading.

Tutoring at West Outer Drive United Methodist Church (WODUMC)

West Outer Drive United Methodist Church is one of the Detroit Partnership's oldest and greatest partners in Detroit.

This joint tutoring program and has been running for three semesters. The tutoring spans all ages (Pre-K to High School) and subjects (History, Spelling, Math, and Sciences). Students in the creative writing program will produce a bound collection of their each semester.

Brightmoor Community Center

On Wednesday afternoons, 10 volunteers drive to Brightmoor Community Center to provide after-school assistance to kids in grades 1 through 9 from neighborhood schools. Volunteers help with school work and other academic activities from 2:15pm-5:15pm.

After-School Beginners' Ballet and Jazz Class at Maybury Elementary School

A group of DP volunteers teach basic ballet and jazz steps to 1st and 2nd-graders for an hour on Thursdays.

ESL Tutoring at All Saints Community Center

The All Saints Community Center in Southwest Detroit offers English as a Second Language classes for non-native speakers. The adults in the class are usually Hispanic immigrants. Once a week DP volunteers drive down to Southwest Detroit to have a conversation with them in English. No knowledge of Spanish is required.

Tutoring at Woodbridge Community Center

Woodbridge Community Center is an after-school and weekend program for children in Southwest Detroit. They have after-school tutoring, as well as fun activities and sports programs. Volunteers focus mainly on working the with the children on their homework.

Alternatives for Girls

We will be working with elementary age girls at an after school program at Alternatives for Girls, a nonprofit in southwest Detroit that serves homeless and high risk women. The first hour will be tutoring, and the second hour will be an activity that we will plan each week.

Tutoring at All Saint's Youth

We will travel to All Saint's Youth Center in SW Detroit.  We will tutor children between the ages of 8-14 in Math and English.  In addition, we play soccer with the older children on nice days.

Tutoring at Michigan Technical Academy - Early Elementary & Middle Schools

Michigan Technical Academy is a group of 3 charter schools offering education for Detroit children years Pre-K through 8th grade. In the early elementary program, DP volunteers will spend a little more than an hour each week helping pre-k through 1st grade students with learning skills and activities.

In the middle school program, the DP volunteers will spend a little more than an hour each week tutoring students in grades 5-8, helping them to appreciate and understand math, science and learning in general. Considering the vital importance of providing activity for students after school, our volunteers will be an important force in the students' lives to help keep them on track for success.