Adding a “statement block” to your houndstooth quilt: Tutorial

By Jayme Christensen

Making this shape will require working with 5 blocks. 4 striped blocks, and one solid.

Step 1:  Cut 1 (one) 5.5” square from your desired statement color (labeled above as block 3).

That was easy, one block down, blocks 1,2,4, and 5 to go!

Step 2: Set aside 2 each of the triangles shown below that you prepared in your original instructions. (2 with dark colored tips, and 2 with light colored tips.)

Step 3: Following your measurements from the original instructions, cut one strip of your statement color and sew it right sides together to one light colored strip. For demonstration purposes, I chose the color RED.

Step 4: Follow the original instructions and using your prepared template, cut 2 each of the following triangles shown bleow. (2 each of the red tipped triangle, and 2 each of the light color tipped triangles)

Step 5: Sew your triangles right sides together as pictures below:

You will need 2 of each block (2 with small red tip, 2 with large red base)

                              Blocks 1 and 4                                                     Blocks 2 and 5

Step 6: Include your squares in your layout.

 On my own quilt, I replaced a light colored houndstooth, and I wish I hadn’t. So in this tutorial, I’ve switched it up to replace a dark colored houndstooth. If you decided you really like the statement block surrounded by the darker color, then simply replace your light colored strips with your statement color instead of the dark colored strips.

Follow the picture below for inserting your statement color blocks:

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

I’d love to see finished projects using my tutorial, you can upload them to the flickr group: