SS 320 Group Process for Outdoor Leaders

 Fall Intensive, 2012

Instructor:                  Anne Morse


Prerequisites:                SS 233 and SS 241

Texts:                        Processing the Experience - Luckner and Nadler  


Readings                  Risk Management for Outdoor Leaders- NOLS        

                        The Processing Pinnacle –Simpson et al

                        The Role of the Instructor- Kalisch

                        Back Pocket Adventure- Rohnke

                        Reflective Learning- Sugarman

                        Lasting Lessons- Knapp

                        The Leader who is Hardly Known- Simpson

                        Exploring the Power of Solo, Silence, and Solitude- Knapp

                        Book of Metaphors, volume II- Gass

                        The Tao of Leadership – Heider

                        Ecopsychology - Roszak, Gomes, & Kanner

Format        This class will meet in the classroom and the field, combining lectures and participatory activities with hands on experience facilitating peers on a nine day backpacking trip.  Students will discuss and reflect on readings, give and receive feedback, participate in role plays, and maintain a portfolio of notes, reflections, and facilitation techniques.

Course Objectives:          To gain a working understanding of the role of the leader in facilitating wilderness groups and outdoor education.  To develop skills in facilitation, group assessment, conflict resolution, counseling, use of metaphor, and a variety of intervention techniques.  To identify and develop a personal leadership style that is responsive to student needs, and educational in focus.

NOTE:  I am aware that students bring a variety of learning styles to class.  I do my best to address a variety of learning modes; please let me know if certain styles of teaching are not working for you and I can adapt the class accordingly.   If you have learning style needs or a documented learning disability, please check in with Leland Peterson, Sterling College Learning Disabilities Support Person.  Leland can help you determine what accommodations would be helpful for you in this course.