1,. Compare the biographies of the three main characters in the novel: Marco, Solomon and Effing. Are there any points in common? Think of their names and other characters’ names.

2.- Think of the title while you read the novel. Try to keep track of the different references to the moon. Can you see a point in all these references? Are there any ‘Moon Palaces’ for the characters?

3.- Are there any references to other books in the novel? What is the attitude of the different characters towards books?

4.- Think about the settings of the novel. How is New York portrayed? How is the West portrayed? What kind of role does the West play in the characters’ lives?

5.- Think about the different historic events depicted in the novel. Think about the conquest of the West and its importance in American history, about the Vietnam war and the landing on the moon. What is the function of the painting by Blakelock described in the center of the novel?

6.- Did you like the novel? Would you recommend it?