OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 11th September 2012

18:00 - 18:40 UTC

Agenda & Minutes


Present:  Simon Poole, Grant Slater, Michael Collinson

Apologies: Oliver, Dermot

Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meeting

Proposed: Simon

Seconded: Grant



2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • Grant - Get a license and attribution page link as an XML Comment into these APIs: Rails API. (done)
  • Mike -  combine Bing Imagery License comments as a succinct list for forwarding to Microsoft legal.
  • Mike - Incorporate into foundation landing page
  • Mike - Provide text to Grant re and friends in Sept 20th minutes. ?OS or linking to attribution page or both? … liaise with CWG 
  • Mike - Thank pavel for kindly agreeing to use the bulk of his contributions.
  • Mike - Data imports & reciprocal licenses. Air to Management team and to legal-talk
  • Grant - formal DMCA web-form completion before redaction ends, (as distinct from free-form email or postal letter). (now live

3. Finalise today's agenda

4. Phase 5 License Change-Over

The OpenStreetMap geodata license change-over from CC-BY-SA to ODbL 1.0, a share alike license written specifically for open data, is now complete. The key events were:

2012-09-03 LWG recommends to OSMF board that in our opinion a best effort to clean the database of CC-BY-SA-only data was now complete and that the license change should go ahead.

2012-09-05 Board endorses LWG recommendation, provided that all relevant on-line documentation was in place before the formal switch.

2012-09-06 Initial pre-announcement at SOTM 2012 in Tokyo.

2012-09-11 Richard W’s posting announcing the actual change-over.

Mike -  write to wikipedia general counsel, open data commons, Jordan Hatcher, Rufus Pollock.

5. AOB

  • SOTM feedback

Japan government data

Next Meeting:

LWG  will now take a 3 month long break. In the case of urgent items, we will deal with them by email if possible. Else, we will convene meetings as required.