You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

Overview:  It is time to steal the holiday cheer all for yourselves.  Sneak into the town’s homes and take their gifts, their dinners, and keep them all for yourselves!

Battlefield: The terrain for this battle is fixed.  There is 4 gift tokens that the players will take turns (roll off to determine who places the first token) placing on the table.  The gift tokens must be placed 6 inches outside of the deployment zones and no closer then 12 inches to any other gift token.  

Deployment:  Use the rules for deployment as detailed in the battlefield scenario on page of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Who goes first?  The player who finishes deploying first has the jump on his opponent and gains a +1 to the roll to determine who goes first.  The winner of this roll can decide to go first or second.

Length of Game:  The game lasts for 6 turns or until time is called – whichever comes first.

Special Rules:  Exchange Lists:  At the end of this game, exchange lists with your opponents.  Take some time and actually look over your opponents list.  Ask questions about items and units you may not recognize.

Claiming Gift Tokens: Any unit that ends their movement phase within base contact gains the gift token.  Scouts that start the game within 8 inches of a gift token a the start of the game may not claim that token on their first turn.  Additionally, once a unit has claimed a gift token if it is defeated in combat and breaks it loses the gift token.  The gift token may be either lost entirely or the opponent can choose to restrain pursuit to pick it up (leadership test to restrain is still required).  

Victory Conditions:  Use the victory points as they are presented in the Warhammer Rulebook.

Battle Point Modifiers:

Major Objective:  Score this if you have more gift tokens then your opponent.

Minor Objective:  Score this if you controlled at least one gift token at the end of the game.  If you won the major objective then you must also have taken a token away from your opponent to earn this.