The Great Elf Game

The Rules

Each player is in business as a Christmas Tree seller! The aim of the game is to make as much money as possible during the month of December! All of the features of the game are adaptable!

Each Day - You have 12 elves at your disposal and you have to decide how many of them to send to ‘The Nearby Woods’ or ‘The Faraway Forest’. The weather is then decided by the roll of a dice. 1,2,3 or 4 means a lovely day when all the elves can bring home a tree. Rolling a 5 or 6 means there is a blizzard and the elves who went to the forest come home empty handed! Players must work out how much money they earned for the day, add it to their running total and distribute their elves for the following day.

The Lottery - Every so often there is a lottery with a jackpot that anyone can win. For example - 2 dice are thrown and the sum of the numbers shown is the winning number. The Jackpot must be shared between all the people that chose that number! Write down your name and number on a piece of paper so your entry can be validated. If you win then add your winnings in to one of the extras columns.

Strike Action - After 7 days of work, your elves are demanding a day off! Give them day 8 off and they will be happy. If you make them go to work, they will go, but that evening they will vote on strike action, eg - Roll a dice, Odd number means they strike for 2 days (days 9 and 10) so you make no money on these two days. Even number you get away with it!

The Mountain Road - Major Development - Work has finished on the mountain road giving you access to some seriously good trees that can sell for $50. There is a great risk though. If you send your elves up the mountain road and they get caught in a blizzard then they won’t come back (they had to go down the other side) and you have lost all the elves you sent! Be careful, you wont know what the weather is doing until it is too late.

Elves for Hire - A new group of elves have arrived in town looking for work. For $75 each you can secure their services for the rest of December. Hire as many as you want, but don’t go into debt to do so. If you want to go in to debt then you will have to agree on an interest rate for the money you borrow. Add the money you spend as a negative value in one of the extras columns. Hereafter you must enter the number of elves you have working for you in the first column.

The Tax man - We notice you haven't been paying any tax on your earnings so far! The rumour is that the Tax man is making some random visits! Don’t take any risks and pay 10% of your current running total now - add it as a negative value into an extras column. Alternatively, you can take your chances and not pay. At the end of day 14 we find out if you had a visit (Eg. Odd number, Tax man doesn't visit - even and he does!) If you have a visit you have to pay 20% of your earnings as a penalty!

© Jim Noble, InThinking