Griselda S.

July 6, 2001


Ms. Priester


Jordan and I have same mom but different dad. When he was seven months old he left my mom, to go live with his dad in Los Angeles. My mom was left with just my two eldest brothers.  Then three years later I was born into this lovely world, or so I thought. One day me and Jordan were re-united. Something happened our family, but that’s another story. Jordan has lived In Los Angeles ever since. Me on the other hand has moved a few more times than Jordan.  

      “Hurry up Tami is going to be here any minute, Griselda!” Said Adrianna. Tami is the social worker for Jordan and I. Adrianna is my so called “mom.”  As she was talking to me she was putting on her make up. Strange she NEVER wears make up. Technically, she’s not my mom, she’s my cousin’s wife. My cousin, Derek  was my father figure. Either way I was just thinking to my self why is she telling me to “hurry up” when she’s not even ready. Actually no one is ready. Not Jordan, usually he locks himself up in his room and blasts his Sublime CD. Derek, was still in the shower. I was just in my room watching the final season of Degrassi. Only because the social worker is always late.  I understand why, I mean she has to drive all the way from Oceanside to San Fernando Valley. It must be a pain in the butt. Tami just comes over to see how Jordan and I are doing in school, etc. I loath her coming over because she nags about how I’m ditching school and never doing my homework, and about how I’m  am never doing anything good and blah, blah, blah. Jordan is okay when it comes to school, and behavior. Probably because he’s three years older than me, and he knows better.

      Tami is now 45 minutes late. We are all out out here in this beautiful living room, watching this creepy killer show called “Forensic Files.” I dislike it when Adrianna and Derek watch this at night I can hear it in my room. I get scared at night just listening to it. Apart from that I’m sitting on my favorite couch, eating a green apple. The couch is so comfortable, I can just sink into it. I love it! Jordan is sitting right next to me. Adrianna, with her legs crossed, Derek with his hands folded, were sitting next to each other too. Derek had a sad look on his face. I wanted to ask him what wrong but then again I didn't want to. Then again I really didn’t care. His phone probably died or something, He cherishes his phone like no other.

     Next thing I hear is  tap, tap, tap on the door. All of our faces turned to the door, with anticipation. Derek gets up from his seat with a grin on his face and goes to open the door. It’s Tami. “Oh I’m so sorry I’m late.” Is her excuse, as always I'm not surprised. She says hi to us then gives Jordan and I a firm hug, then sits down. “Would you like something to drink.” Adrianna says. Tami says, “No thank you, so how are you guys doing,” She says. Jordan was the first to answer, “I’m doing very well Tami.”  We all know he is lying. Tami says, “Good, good.” The rooms stays quiet for a few seconds. We are all trying to say something that the social worker wants to hear. Then Derek says, “Things could be a lot better with Griselda and Jordan.” I’m thinking to myself, how did I know he was going to say something unnecessary like that. Tami says, “Why whats goi-”,  I cut her off and say “Every things fine. We are all great.” Everyone looks at me with a shocked face as if I committed a murder. I only said that just to please her so that she can leave and I can go on with my life. A few minutes later Derek says “No everything not fine, Griselda ditches school, never does her homework, is always getting in trouble. I always have five hour long conversations about why she has to do good, and she never listens. I don't know what’s going on in their head when they do something stupid like this.” Come to think of it he really does have five hour long conversations with me about going to college and he wants to see me succeed. Apparently I’m ignorant, or so I’ve been told. Now there’s tension in the room. I don’t care what he has to say I’ve heard it all before so its nothing new for me. Adrianna excuses herself to go to the restroom. I don't think she wants to hear this at all. Once again every one's quiet. “Ok, despite the fact Griselda, that you and Jordan aren't doing good, I have something to tell you.” Says Tami. Jordan looks at me and has a blank expression on his face. I don't know what to think at this point. I know that Tami doesn't want to hear all this crap, so she tries to change the subject.

      “You and Jordan aren't going to live here anymore.” Says Tami. Those words kept playing in my mind like a broken record. I look at Jordan, five seconds later he begins to cry. He HATES crying. He never cry’s no matter how bad the situation is, except for today. Adrianna comes back sits down. Now I know why Derek was upset it wasn’t because of his phone, it was because he new this was going to happen. maybe he does care a lot for Jordan and me. Then, if he cared why didn't he warn us. He could of said something. Jordan gets up from his seat stomps his feet on the ground, Tears come down like a waterfall, then heads to his room, slams the door shut. Almost breaks it. All we hear is him breaking everything in his room. He throws his desk, lamp, TV. EVERYTHING! Tami, Adrianna, and Derek were startled.  I’m just sitting there trying to hold back my tears.Trying to convince myself this is not happening. “Here look at the pictures I took of this facility its beautiful, your going to love it, it’s called San Pasqual Academy. For short they call it SPA.” Tami says, as she hands me the pictures. Honestly I wanted to throw the pictures at her face. Just to let her know how i feel. I don't want to leave first of all. Second what makes her think I wan to see her pictures. Trying to be respectful, I look at one out of seven pictures and then hand them to Adrianna. I really don’t care how the facility looks like. Derek leaves the room and goes in to Jordan’s room. I don’t understand why Derek’s not upset or anything. He looks like nothing just happened. WHY?! Adrianna on the other hand looks okay. I don’t expect her to be sad, we don’t know her that well.

I leave the living room and head to my bedroom. As I was walk across the house into my room I realized wow I’m not going to be living her anymore. I’m not going to be sleeping here, crying here, eating, having the time of my life here. It’s all going to be taken form Jordan and I. I come room and just lay there crying, dying inside. I don't know what to do. I have nothing to say. I get up and head to my my room. My legs feel like jelly, unstable, as if I walk over and look at my face.  It’s red, puffy, and I look like a mess.

     Hours pass by, I place my ear on the wall of my bedroom and try my hardest to not cry. I listen to the conversation with Adrianna, Derek and Tami. Tami says “I’m going to say by to Griselda and Jordan.” Next thing I noticed shes at my door knocking. Knock, knock, knock. “Come in. “ I say. “Griselda every things going to be fine. Eventually you will  get over it. Have a good day.” Tami says, she slowly closes the door then goes into Jordan's room with no expression on her face, she has no feelings t whats happening to us. Whatever,I wonder what rude thing shes going to tell him.

      Tami has officially left. Adrianna and Derek are on the back porch talking. I’m still in my room laying on my bed as I cry.  Jordan’s room is a disaster. I want to go in there and talk to him, but I  don’t he probably needs some alone time. Adrianna and Derek come in my room and say I love you then leave. I know for sure they don’t “love us,” if they did then why would they be doing this to us. I just don’t understand. Later on they take us to