Lab D Transcript

(to entire class)

You all know me, I’m Mr. Jones today we’re going to be continuing our lesson plan on balance and reaction time. We’re going to get moving around today with a little instant activity. There’s four stations each one has a fact about dietary fiber and activities to do, so I want you to go to each station and read the fact and do the activity.

Oh by the way, one of the facts is a myth so I want you guys to be able to tell me which one is the myth, rotate stations in a clockwise direction when you’re done. Remember one of these is a myth.

Alright, rotate stations.

(to Justin)

Good Job Justin!

You’ve got to get vertical!

(to entire class)

Alright guys lets bring it back in, I just want to say before we get started I just want to say this equipment is very expensive so no fooling around. This is your only warning, you guys know my class rules but they are listed here if you need a reminder. We are going to be using dance dance revolution today, it’s a great game its not only fun but it also helps with athletic stance, balance, and reaction time which are factors in sports that you don’t normally think of. When you think of sports you think of speed and strength.

Did anybody here play sports in high school?

(to Justin)

What did you play? Football Okay.

Wanna come out here real quick, in football, you’re rarely standing straight up and down like this right? What’s a good athletic stance look like?

(to whole class)

See how he’s got the knees bent, feet shoulder width apart. Does anyone know what the importance is of a good athletic stance? Balance. So in football if I’m the defender and I’m trying to get by Justin I’m not going to be able to push him over, same from the back he’s not going to fall over. But if he’s straight up he’s got no balance. So today we are going to be working on balance and reaction time. We are going to start with a little reaction time activity that I have. You can see in front of your stations there’s four different color pieces of paper. Now what I’m going to want you guys to do is stand in the middle and I’m going to yell out a color and you’re going to step on that color when you hear it called. So you just have to react to the color I tell you.


For our next activity, I want you to get into partners. One partner control the front and right arrows while the other person controls the left and back arrows.

Alright this time we are going to try the same song but I want you guys to be in the crab walk position. You’re still controlling the same arrows.

So who can tell me what we focused on by doing that activity? That was all about reaction time. This time we’re going to be working on balance by counter balancing with a partner. So you’re going to get on the platform and grab each other’s forearms or hands, whatever you feel more comfortable with. You can pull further out and hold each other up and work on balance.

I want to see a nice athletic stance with knees bent.

Alright, that was good. Whose working up a sweat so far? For this next one, everyone is going to have their own pad and have an easy song and I want you to do it with only one foot.

Just one foot, make sure you keep the center of gravity.

Alright, for this next one we’re going to do the same song except you can do it however you want. However style you want whatever you feel comfortable with.

Alright when you guys are doing that, who remembers the cues for the athletic stance? That’s really important in this game. I’m going to relate it to the sports world, how often are your feet directly under you in a game type situation. So when your playing this game you want a nice athletic stance moving around the board avoiding keeping your feet directly under you.