Final Project Report

Due: Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your final project report should be submitted as a single pdf file. Only a single file in pdf format will be graded. One final report per project is required. The final report should contain:

  1. A brief overview of the project. This should be at least two paragraphs but probably closer to a page. This should be written so that somebody unfamiliar with your project would be able to read just this summary and understand:
  1. The most important use cases for the database (essentially a summary of the mission objectives).
  2. The users of the database.
  3. The most challenging parts of the project. This is where you should highlight those aspects of the project that were difficult to implement properly.
  4. The potential benefit of your database. Make sure its clear how your database will improve things for your client.
  1. The mission statement and mission objectives
  2. An Entity Relationship Diagram containing all tables in your database using the standard “crows foot” notation we’ve used throughout the quarter.
  3. A list of all tables and fields including:
  1. Data types for all fields.
  2. Constraints for all fields.
  3. Primary keys.
  4. Foreign keys.
  1. The related table for each foreign key.
  2. The delete rules for each foreign key.
  1. Any necessary explanatory text. After you’ve defined each table ask yourself if its clear what the table would be used for, why you chose all your constraints, why you chose the data types you did, etc. If anything isn’t very obvious add a sentence or two explaining your design. If appropriate include some information about the pros and cons of your design and alternative ways you could have implemented things.
  1. A list of views. For each view include:
  1. A brief one to three sentence explanation of why you included the view, what it does, and how you think it would be used.
  2. The SQL statement that generates the view.

The writing style should be professional as if you were submitting this report as a bid on a contract to implement a database for a client.

Send a copy of your report to myself and your client via email. Make sure I’m CC’d on the copy you send to your client.

In addition to the report each member of the team must implement the database in MySQL using the database I set up for each of you. In the email containing the pdf please list all the team members and the name of their database (its the same as their user name).