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Blackbox Mansion Ground Rules

Blackbox reserves the right to exclude residents/visitors from blackbox mansion in case of severe breaches of these rules.

Personal Interactions

1. Residents may not enter into each other’s rooms unless they are invited by a resident of that room.

2. At times, there is a separate women’s bathroom on the second floor.

3. Respect the privacy of others.

                        4.  Have regards for different cultural, racial, religious backgrounds.

5. Inappropriate / offensive comments on people’s culture, religion, race, or gender will not be tolerated.

6. Zero tolerance on violence on the premises.

7. Responsible consumption of alcohol.

8. Try to use English in mixed-language company.  Do not let the use of a foreign language in mixed company lead to someone feeling uncomfortable.

  9. Be mindful of limited hot-water and the bathroom time of others when showering on busy    


 10. Try to keep your toiletries in one area of your bathroom and keep it tidy.


1. Clean after yourself immediately after eating or using kitchen.

2. Put things back where they came from immediately (esp. perishables like milk)

                3. Please respect recycling rules

                 (the waste bins are labeled and information is near  the fridge)

                4. If someone cooks for you, show your thanks by cleaning their pans & dishes.

5. If you are often making use of the shared groceries, please donate money to the

food fund or donate some groceries.


1. No glasses in or at the jacuzzi or by the pool (please use plastic/paper cups)

                    2. If you accidentally break glass, please clean immediately, yet carefully.

3. If you notice glass on the floor or patio, please pick it up

4. When using pool or jacuzzi, the washroom restroom is reached by the side-door.

Daily Living

Workspace:  The Pool House, Main Room, and desks in bedrooms are the primary work areas.

Laundry:  If you use the laundry room, take your clothes out as soon as possible after drying.

Recycling:  See recycling instructions to the right of the fridge in the kitchen and on the bins.

Lights:  Outdoor lights are on at night.  If you think you are the last one in, or notice that everyone is home, we thank you for turning them off.

Climate-Control: Don’t heat the house simultaneously with leaving doors open and don’t turn thermostats above 70F.

Cleanliness: Keep both your room and shared spaces tidy.  Do not use spare beds as storage space for your belongings (or towels, etc).

        Checking in

                1. Check-in to your room, bed-space, receive or locate welcome packet.

                2. Take a quick tour of the grounds with the House Manager (or with another

staff-member or long-term resident if the manager is not present).

                Facebook group (in “docs”).

3. All residents who stay 3 weeks or more, or extend their stay for 2 or more weeks,

are to sign a Resident Agreement with Blackbox.

4. Provide emergency contact information (recommended)


Checking out

                1. Emptying of Refrigerator and Cupboards

                (if you want to donate perishables to all residents, bring them to the House Manager)

                2. Linens and Towels to Washroom (in/on boxes in front of washer)

                3. Returning items that were lent to you (adapters, iron, chargers, bike, etc.)

                4. Remember to collect your belongings from bedroom, workspaces, etc.

                4. See “Check Out Check-List” for a more complete listing.

Professional Spheres

        During Programs (Meetings, Pitches, Speeches)

Attend meetings for which you sign-up.

Cancel with staff if you will not be able to attend.  

Be punctual.  

Be courteous to other attendees and allow others to ask questions.

Do not leave program materials, food, or coffee mugs/cups on the floor.        

        Professional Privacy 

Please respect the FrieNDA agreement

Inviting Guests

Both evening-event and overnight guests are permitted only if approved by a staff member.

Private Belongings

        A. Blackbox is not responsible for any damage to or loss of your personal belongings.

        B. Please respect private belongings of others. If you want to borrow something from

someone (eg. a charger, a connector etc.) make sure you get the owner’s approval first.


A. Don’t leave your car on the premises if you plan to leave for longer than one day unless

you have discussed it with the house manager (or with staff).

B. Try to park in a way that does not block other cars and does not block the paths that run

along the sides of the house.