[Ponies Murmuring]

        “Is she really defeated?”

        “This is just a joke, right?”

        “No, I think she really is defeated.”

        “Gone, after all that?”

        “Here comes Rarity!”

[Enter Rarity]

Rarity-- "I have just consulted with Derpy Hooves, keeper of the records. The rumors are true. Derpy has confirmed it. She is vanquished. Nightmare Moon is no more!”

[Ponies Murmuring]

        “She's defeated”

        “She's gone”

        “She is finished”

        “Good News”

        “She's gone”

--Musical Number: Number One. “No One Mourns the Wicked”--

[Ponies Murmuring]

        “Wait. Rarity...”

Rarity-- "Yes?”

        “Is it true...”

        “Was she really evil? Isn't it true you were friends once?”

Rarity-- "Well, the thing about ponies is, are they truly evil? Are they born evil? And... I did know her... Once...”

--Scene Shift--

{Enter Luna}

“Well, here I am at Ponyville Prep school.”

{Fillies Murmuring}

        “Oh my.”

        “Have you ever seen such a strange pony?”

        “A unicorn with pegasus wings?”

        “How hideous.”


        “Oh, here too. Everywhere I go, people are afraid of me...”

{Enter Twilight Sparkle}

        “Attention. Attention. I believe we have some new students today. If we could welcome miss Luna and miss Celestia.”

{Fillies Murmuring}

        “Oh, look at them.”

        “What do you think happened to the both of them.”

Twilight-- “Now would anyone care to take miss Luna into their room?”

Rarity-- “Oh. Oh, miss Twilight?”

Twilight-- “Thank you dear. Miss Luna, miss Rarity will show you to your room.”

Rarity-- “Oops. Oh drat.”

Twilight-- “Now miss Celestia, if you would please come with me...”

Luna-- “NO!”

-{Magic}- [Celestia is inexplicably drawn towards Luna]

Twilight-- “Whatever is the matter dear?”

Luna-- “I am sorry, I just thought, she is my sister, she might...”

Twilight-- “Well, your parents asked me strictly to take good care of Celestia, so I figured she best stay with me so I can care for her every need.”

Luna-- “Okay, I guess...”

Twilight-- “But... such raw magical power...”

Luna-- “What?”

Twilight-- “I think it would be in your best interest to take my private magics course. You are the most talented with magic I have seen, well, since myself. In fact, it will be mandatory. We shall soon get you using your powers of your own volition. I expect to see you every day, third period.”

Luna-- “Okay. Thank you.”

Rarity-- “I wanted to take that magics course.”

Pinkie Pie-- “Life is so unfair.”

Rarity-- “And I have to room with her.”

Pinkie Pie-- “Life really is so unfair.”

{Days pass. Gradually the fillies begin to get to know each other. One night…}

Rarity-- “Luna, I’ve decided to make you my new project.”

Luna-- “You really don’t have to do that.”

Rarity-- “I know. That’s what makes me so nice.”

--Musical Number: Number 2. “Popular”--

-{One day in class…}-

Cheerilee-- “You see this new filly? She is one of the new ponies we are to train to be loyal to our Great and Powerful wizard. She is cages so that she has no thoughts of running away, and will be trained to be completely loyal and obedient to our wizard. All of our new fillies are to be trained in this manner.”

Luna-- "That’s completely wrong!”

Cheerilee-- “Excuse me?”

Luna-- "I said that’s wrong. They can be taught loyalty without the need of cages.”

Cheerilee-- “That is not your place to decide. The great and powerful wizard is the one who makes the rules around here. You would do well to remember that.”

Luna-- "You have to let her go free!”

Cheerilee-- “Young lady, Sit down now!”

{Magic. The lights go out.}

-Luna takes the caged filly and escapes.-

-Far away in a field, Luna releases the young pony and wishes her well.-

-{Several weeks later, one day at school…}-


-Carriage arrives outside the school.-

Blueblood-- "Hello everypony. My name is Blueblood. I hail from a land far away. I hope you will all accept me at your school.”

Rarity-- "Oh my god, he’s so dreamy.”

Pinkie Pie-- “Go and make a move on him.”

Rarity-- "Hello, Blueblood. My name is Rarity.”

Blueblood-- "Oh, hi. Um… Who’s that unique looking pony in the corner over there?”

Rarity-- "Oh, that’s Luna. She really isn’t that much of an interesting pony, always keeps herself busy with a book, but I am availa…”

Blueblood-- "She really is interesting.

Big Macintosh-- "Well, um, Rarity, I am also available…”

Rarity-- "Oh, Big Macintosh, why don’t you go talk to Celestia over there? She looks kind of lonely.”

Big Macintosh-- "Oh, I guess…”

Blueblood-- "Well, I am going to throw a party to celebrate meeting new friends and everypony is invited.”

{Ponies Murmuring}

Rarity-- "Oh, this is a dream come true.”

Pinkie Pie-- “What are you going to do about her?”

Rarity-- "Whomever do you mean Pinkie?”

Pinkie Pie-- “You know… Her…”

Rarity-- "Whatever do you mean? Luna will be herself I guess.”

Pinkie Pie-- “I mean she seems to have caught Blueblood’s eye. If you want him, then…”

Rarity-- "I don’t care. I will win him over with my good looks and natural charm, of course.”

Big Macintosh-- "Miss Rarity, would you consider going to the party with…”

Rarity-- "Big Macintosh, you should take Celestia. She doesn’t look happy, I think she may be upset that no one wants to take her. Don’t you think so?”

Big Macintosh-- "Eeyup. I guess.”

Big Macintosh-- “Celestia, would you like to go to the party with me?”

Celestia-- “Really? You want to take me? You don’t know how happy that makes me! Sure, I will go with you.”

{Later that evening, as they get ready to go to the party…}

Rarity-- “Aren’t you coming Luna?”

Luna-- “Sure, just give me one second. Okay, let’s go.”

{At the party}

Blueblood-- “Miss Luna, you look absolutely wonderful this evening.”

Luna-- “Why, um, thanks?”

Rarity-- “What do you think of my outfit Blueblood?”

Blueblood-- “It’s nice, I guess.”

Rarity-- “Nice? That’s it?”

Blueblood-- “Um, it looks very fetching on you. But, I think I like Luna’s outfit better.”

Rarity-- “That outfit? It’s the same one she always wears. It’s a bit unbecoming if you ask me.”

Blueblood-- “With all due respect, I didn’t ask you. I will like whomever I choose to like, and trying to get me to change that is a little bit rude.”

Rarity-- “Hmph. Be that way. She’ll only disappoint you. Pinkie Pie, lets go over there.”

Luna-- “I am sorry Blueblood. I didn’t mean for her to yell at you because of me.”

Blueblood-- “It’s fine. I don’t care. I meant what I said about liking you, you know.”

Luna-- “Um, you did?”

Blueblood-- “There’s no reason to be timid. We’re all friends here.”

Luna-- “A lot of the other ponies seem not to like me very much though.”

Blueblood-- “I am sure that we’ll be able to convince them that you aren’t all bad.”

Luna-- “Really? You mean it?”

Blueblood-- “Of course.”

{Several days later…}

Twilight-- “Well Luna, you seem to be extremely adept with magic. There appears to be very little I have left to teach you. I feel that the best next step for you would be to send you to Canterlot City, where you can learn from the Great and Powerful wizard, herself.”

Luna-- “Oh, you really think so?”

Twilight-- “Yes I do. There will be a lot she can teach you.”

Luna-- [aside] “Wow. The great and powerful wizard. Maybe she can help me fix my problem being different. Maybe, she will be able to remove my pegasus wings.”

Luna-- “Wow, that sounds great. When do you think I will be ready to go?”

Twilight-- “I think one week should be long enough to wait, where I can send a message to the Great and Powerful wizard, where she will expect you.”

{One week passes quickly for Luna, and soon the time arrives where she will leave…}

Luna-- “Well Rarity, I am going to be going to Canterlot. You will not be seeing me for a while.”

Rarity-- “Oh, Canterlot. I’ve always wanted to see Canterlot.”

Luna-- “Rarity, come with me, to Canterlot City.”

Rarity-- “Oh, you really mean it?”

Luna-- “Of course I do.”

-- Musical Number: Number 3. “One Short Day”--

Guard Pony-- “The Great and Powerful wizard will see you now.”

Luna-- "Well, here we go Rarity.”

Rarity-- "Indeed. I wonder what the wizard will be like.”

Luna-- "I hope she’ll be nice and be able to help us out.”

{Mysterious Voice}

“Step forward to the altar in the center of the room! I am the Great and Powerful wizard. What can I do for you?”

Luna-- "I was hoping you could cure me of my condition.”

“And what condition would that be?”

Luna-- "My peagasus wings. I should not have them as a unicorn.”

{Altar falls away to reveal a chair with a blue pony sitting in it}

Trixie-- “Oh, yes. That is a strange condition indeed. By the way, I am Trixie, the Great and Powerful wizard.”

Luna-- "Will you be able to cure me?”

Trixie-- “To tell you the truth, all the ponies call me great and powerful because I fell out of the sky in a balloon, but the fact of the matter is, aside from small feats of magic, I am completely powerless.”

Luna-- "So what you’re saying is that you really aren’t great and powerful at all?”

Trixie-- “Quite.”

Luna-- "That’s disappointing. This means you’ve lied to everyone in Equestria.”

Trixie-- “Looks that way.”

Luna-- "I have to tell everyone. They can not go on believing in a false wizard.”

Trixie-- “I am afraid I can not let you do that.”

{Altar rises.}

“Guards! Seize the Intruders! They plan to spread false rumors about me and my magic!”

Rarity-- "We should run. Now!”

Luna-- "I am coming, I am coming.”

{Running. The two ponies enter a small broom cupboard and lock the door.}

Rarity-- "We should be safe in here for now.”

Luna-- "What do we do? What should we do? We have to tell people the truth.”

Rarity-- "I agree. But first we must get out of here.”

Luna-- "My wings! I can fly us out of here.”

Rarity-- "We should not run. We should just tell them it’s all a misunderstanding.”

Luna-- "That would compromise our integrity. We have to tell the truth.”

Rarity-- "Do what you want. Why couldn’t you stay calm for once? Instead of flying off the handle, like you always do.”

--Musical Number: Number 4. “Defying Gravity--

Luna-- "So if you care to find me, look to the western skies. As someone told me, everypony, deserves the chance to fly. And if I am flying solo, at least I am flying free, to those who’d ground me, take a message back for me. Tell them how I am defying gravity, they’ll never pull me down!”

Rarity-- "Good-bye Luna”

Luna-- "Good-bye Rarity. And just so it stands, if I am to be seen as evil, I am no longer Luna. I am… NIGHTMARE MOON!”

{Years pass, and Trixie has still not captured Nightmare Moon. One day…}

Nightmare Moon-- "Celestia. Celestia. Celestia!”

Celestia-- “What are you doing here? If they find you, they’ll arrest us both!”

Nightmare Moon-- "I came to talk to you. I was wondering if I could get some help.”

Celestia-- “Someone’s coming. Get in the closet.”

Big Macintosh-- "Celestia? Are you talking to someone?”

Celestia-- “No. Just musing to myself.”

Big Macintosh-- "Because I could have sworn I heard Nightmare Moon’s voice.”

Celestia-- “Um… that was my voice impression. Pretty good, huh?”

{Crashing noise. Nightmare Moon falls out of the closet.}

Big Macintosh-- "I knew it! She was here! Call the guards, quickly. She’s going to kill you.”

Celestia-- “No she isn’t. She just came to talk.”

Nightmare Moon-- "Hello Big Macintosh.”

Big Macintosh-- "Don’t talk to me you traitor!”

Celestia-- “Don’t talk to my sister that way!”

Big Macintosh-- "You shut up! The only reason I have stayed with you is because you always look so depressed whenever I talk about leaving you. And the only reason I was with you in the first place is because Rarity asked me to. I love Rarity. I don’t really like you at all.”

Celestia-- “What! You’ll regret saying that! That means this whole thing was a lie! Well, you’ll stay with me forever! I will take your heart, and make it mine. If Luna can use magic, I should be able to as well!”

Nightmare Moon-- "Wait Celestia! You don’t know how to control it!”

{Magic. Explosion.}

Big Macintosh-- "My… My heart. It… It’s shrinking. I can feel it getting smaller…”

Celestia-- “Oh my gosh! What did I do?”

Nightmare Moon-- "Find a spell, find a spell. How can I fix this… Um… I think this will work…”

{Magic. Big Macintosh becomes made of metal.}

Big Macintosh-- "What did you do? What did you do!?”

Nightmare Moon-- "Without a heart, you wouldn’t live. At least made of metal you will stay alive.”

Big Macintosh-- "I am a freak! And it’s all because of you two! “

{Exit Big Macintosh.}

Nightmare Moon-- "I should go.”

Celestia-- “I agree. It wouldn’t be good for them to find you here.”

{Exit Nightmare Moon}

{Meeting of Ponyville Citizens}

Big Macintosh-- "Look at what she did to me. What both of them did to me! They cannot be trusted. It’s thanks to Nightmare Moon that I am made of tin.”

“She’s dangerous.”

“She needs to be taken out!”

Fluttershy-- “Um… excuse me? It’s… um… thanks to her I am so timid. If… If she had let me fight for myself, I… might not be so afraid.”

Big Macintosh-- "See. Look what she did to poor Fluttershy! She’s so scared, and it’s all because of Nightmare Moon!”

“We need to bring her down. We need to get her!”

{Enter Twilight}

Twilight-- “I have just consulted with the great and powerful wizard. She says that she must be brought down at all costs. And I think I have a way to do it.”

{Magic. Extreme storm whips up. A house drops out of the sky and lands on Celestia’s palace.}

“Oh my.”

“That seems to be a little bit extreme.”

Twilight-- “Now all we have to do is let her come to us.”

Rainbow Dash-- "Excuse me?”

Rarity-- "Yes?”

Rainbow Dash-- "What am I doing here?”

Rarity-- "This is Ponyville. You were brought here through magic. I will try to send you home as soon as I can. Until then, we could use your help.”

Rainbow Dash-- "I guess I will try to help out.”

Rarity-- "That would be lovely of you. You see, there is a wicked pony out there, named Nightmare Moon. She will stop at nothing until this whole land of Equestria is flipped upside down.”

Rainbow Dash-- "What should I do?”

Rarity-- "You should first seek out the Great and Powerful wizard. She is sure to help you get on your way.”

Rainbow Dash-- "Okay, then.”

{In lands to the west…}

Nightmare Moon-- "So, My sister has been flattened by a house. I should probably go and try to say goodbye to her.”

{Nightmare Moon flies to Ponyville}

Rarity-- "What are you doing here, Luna?”

Nightmare Moon-- "I told you, I am Nightmare Moon now.”

Rarity-- "Either way, what are you doing here?”

Nightmare Moon-- "I came to say goodbye.”

Rarity-- "You have to get away! Twilight Sparkle has ordered some of the wizard’s troops to come here and capture you.”

Guards-- “There she is. Just like Twilight said, she would come back. Get her!”

Blueblood-- “No!”

Nightmare Moon-- "What are you doing here Blueblood?”

Blueblood-- “I am here to help you get away because I’ve always loved you.”

Nightmare Moon-- "Thank you, but you will get in trouble if you try to help me.”

Blueblood-- "You think I care about that? It would hurt me more if you were caught because I could not help you. Stop guards!”

Guards-- “Get out of the way, Blueblood. You were looking favorably for the wizard, working for her, but this insubordination will not go unnoticed by her.”

{Nightmare Moon flies away. When she looks back, she notices them about to drive swords through Blueblood.}

--{Magic. Blueblood is turned into straw, which cannot be harmed.}—

Blueblood-- "She did this to save me, so I can not hold it against her, but made of straw? Oh, with straw for brains, it’s like I do not even have a brain.”

Nightmare Moon-- "I am sorry Blueblood, but it was the fastest way I could think of to save you.”

{Weeks pass. The citizens of Ponyville become more enraptured with capturing Nightmare Moon, as they all tell stories of the injustices done to them by her.}

{Meanwhile, after meeting Blueblood, Big Macintosh and Fluttershy; Rainbow Dash has made it to Trixie, only to hear that for her to be returned home, a task must be done for Trixie. And what better task than to capture Nightmare Moon?}

Rainbow Dash-- "Who is this Nightmare Moon?”

Big Macintosh-- "She is the one who turned me into tin. She is evil beyond anything you have ever seen. And it is thanks to her and her sister Celestia that I have no heart.”

Fluttershy-- “And it is because of her that I am… so afraid.”

Blueblood-- "And she is the one who turned me into straw.”

Rainbow Dash-- "But are there not legitimate reasons for all of those things?”

Blueblood-- "Perhaps, but these are things that have changed the way we are forced to live. I do not like being made of straw.”

Big Macintosh-- "I do not like being made of tin either.”

Fluttershy-- “And I do not like being afraid of everything. Nightmare Moon has taken some of the quality of our life away.”

{In Nightmare Moon’s castle…}

Nightmare Moon-- "What are you doing here Rarity?”

Rarity-- "I came to warn you to get away. The wizard has sent the stranger, Rainbow Dash, to come and capture you.”

Nightmare Moon-- "At this stage in the game, it is all over for me. I have done what I can, so there is only so much I can do with the short time I have remaining.”

Rarity-- "We have to try do we not? If we do not try, how will we ever know?”

Nightmare Moon-- "I am going to give up. This is goodbye, Rarity.”

Rarity-- "I wish is were not so.”

Nightmare Moon-- "I know. I feel the same way. You know, you were really the only person who was ever my friend.”

Rarity-- "And I’ve had just so many friends. But only one that really mattered.”

--Musical Number: Number 5. “For Good”—

Both-- “I do believe I have been changed for the better, but, because I knew you, I have been changed… for good…”

Rarity-- "Are you really sure you want it to end this way?”

Nightmare Moon-- "No. I’m not sure of anything, but I do know if it does not end, one way or another, this endless cycle of violence is never going to end.”

Rarity-- "How noble. Always sticking to your guns then, are we?”

Nightmare Moon-- "Love and Tolerance, Rarity. This we both know to be better than fighting to solve problems.”

Rarity-- "Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.”

Nightmare Moon-- "I know. I know. Quickly, you must hide. The wizard’s troops must not find you here. Use the secret exit.”

Guards-- “Open up!”

Rainbow Dash-- "Excuse me!”

Guards-- “You are free to pass.”

Rainbow Dash-- "Thank you. Excuse me? Miss Nightmare Moon?”

Nightmare Moon-- "What is it?”

Rainbow Dash-- "I have come to capture you, and take you to the wizard.”

Nightmare Moon-- "And if I refuse?”

Rainbow Dash-- "The guards outside will take you by force if they must.”

Nightmare Moon-- "They shall not. They have no magic and neither do you.”

Rainbow Dash-- "Stop being so difficult. The wizard only wishes to speak with you.”

Nightmare Moon-- "Speak with me? Hah! She had her chance to speak with me.”

Rainbow Dash-- "Seriously, stop being difficult, or I will… Um… Throw this bucket of water at you.”

Nightmare Moon-- "I wouldn’t do that.”

Rainbow Dash-- "You had your chance.”

{Bucket of water is thrown at Nightmare Moon.}

{Nightmare Moon appears to melt away}

Guards-- “Where did she go? Did she escape?”

Rainbow Dash-- "No. Here armor pieces are over there. She just melted into the floor.”

Guards-- “Good riddance.”

{All exit, save for Rarity.}

Rarity-- "Why? Why did you do such a thing? You could have had more. Why?”

{Exit Rarity}

Rainbow Dash-- "Wizard?”

Trixie-- “Yes?”

Rainbow Dash-- "Now will you send me home?”

Trixie-- “Hon, I hate to disappoint you, but I have no real magical powers.”

Rainbow Dash-- "So, helping you, it was all a sham?”

Trixie-- “No. I feel that you learned a great many things on your journey.”

Rainbow Dash-- "But how will I get home?”

Trixie-- “I do not know.”

Rarity-- "I believe I can help. You must focus all your energy on what you have learned, and where you wish to go. Once that is done, you must fly as fast as you can towards the west. Once you do this, you will be sent home.”

{Rainbow Dash flies off to the west. Sonic Rainboom appears in the sky and she disappears.}

--Scene Shift--

Rarity-- "I hope this answers everyone’s questions.”


“Thank you.”

“But, what happened to Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, and Blueblood.”

Rarity-- "Unfortunately for you, I do not know.”

{Breaks the fourth wall. Winks at the audience.}

--Scene Shift--

{At Nightmare Moon’s castle}

{Enter Blueblood, Big Macintosh, and Fluttershy}

Blueblood-- "Are you there, Luna?”

Big Macintosh-- "Yes, are you there?”

Luna-- "Yes. It worked wonderfully, wouldn’t you agree?”

Blueblood-- "Yes, but now we must flee.”

Luna-- "Yes. We must.”

Fluttershy-- “Indeed.”

Big Macintosh-- "I am sorry for the way I treated you. I know now you only did this to help me.

Fluttershy-- “I as well apologize.”

Luna-- "It is fine. I understand why you were upset in the first place.”

Blueblood-- "We really should go, before someone other than Rarity finds us.”

Luna-- "Indeed.”

{Exit the four friends, heading for foreign lands}