Fried Okra, as made by my mama



White cornmeal

Salt and pepper, if you would like

Canola oil


1.  Slice okra into similar sized pieces, discarding both ends.

2.  Place okra in a ziplock bag and pour in some cornmeal. Shake okra in the bag until all the pieces are covered well and let okra sit. (You can add some salt and pepper if you want at this step.)

3.  Heat a cast-iron skillet with about a half inch of canola oil on the next to highest setting (I had the heat up to 8-9, not the highest notch).

4.  Check to see if oil is hot enough by throwing one piece of okra into the oil. If it starts sizzling and turning color, then your heat is high enough.

5.  Using a metal strainer, shake off the excess cornmeal from the okra and place into the oil. Once the okra start turning a light medium brown, pull them out with the strainer and drain on a plate covered with paper towels.

6.  Shake a little salt over the hot okra and enjoy!

Printed from The Gray House Divided