State of the Union - Jobs

President Obama’s State of the Union Address, pointed out several of the issues involved with our country today. One of the issue's that he pointed out was the decrease in job opportunities and the need for more. He even took the time to point out a specific individual who went through a job loss and how President Obama’s solution has help her. It’s great that he was able to help that one individual. However, will the solution he used to help Jackie Bray, be able to help the millions of other Americans who have been either laid off, have lost their job completely or are in the process of looking for a job. I say, nay. There are several factors that can vary the end results of the millions of jobless Americans. There’s the education factor, the state of residence factor, the family factor, the financial state factor and the skills factor.

Miss Jackie Bray’s situation is similar to, maybe, a thousand other Americans. But what about he other thousand? Let’s take my mother as an example. She is a single mom, has gone to college, has three children and a diabetic mother. How would President Obama’s new solutions treat her? I doubt Mr. Obama has the time to make a single company just so my mom could get a job. Coincidence even plays a role in the job opportunities in an area. I’m more than positive that Mr. Obama had no part in the placement of the Siemens Gas Turbine. Even if he did, there’s a major amount of doubt that he would take time out of his already busy schedule, to research people specialties, where they are located and then move an already moving company to that location. Miss Bray’s situation was a complete coincidence and a complete stroke of luck. So one major problem with this state of the union speech that i have located, in just the second paragraph of this essay, is that Mr. Obama hasn’t pointed out a single specific solution to any of these issues. He just keeps repeating that he has solutions in plan. Yes, he has to go through Congress and get their approval, but if his solutions were good ones, then these imaginary solutions would pass without a hitch.

To sum up the five factors that differentiate each job-less American, I can say that each jobless Americans situations are different. The solution to the ‘no job’ issue, will possibly take the most amount of time to create. Because there are so many factors in the obtaining of a job, a lot of planning will need to go into selecting a number of Americans and placing them into groups. Then how the government should confront these groups, will take even more planning. How can we give these groups of people the opportunity to receive a well-paying job and what factors should we consider when coming up with this solution?

One can only hope that the ‘no job’ solution will be a good one. However, anyone can predict that whatever solution the government comes up with, will not be able to please everyone.