Today, we’re comparing the fractions______    and __________.

First we are going to look at models of each fraction.  This is a model of ______.  You can see it has ____ equal pieces in all, but only ___ are colored in.

I’m drawing a model similar to the model above so we can make a good comparison. This is a model of _______.  It has ____ equal pieces in all, but only ______ are shaded.

If you study the models, you can see that _____  is greater than ______.

You can also compare fractions by finding a common denominator.

To find the common denominator you look at the denominators you have and find the lowest common multiple for both.  The lowest common multiple for the fractions _____ and ____ is ______.

We can make equivalent fractions using the lowest common multiple by multiplying the numerator and denominator with the same number like this.

Now that the fractions have common denominators it is easier to see that ____ or ____ is greater than ______.

One final way to compare fractions is to use a number line.  

I will make a number line and show you the fractions on that number line.Here is 0 and here 1.  The fraction _____ goes here on the line and fraction _____ is located here on the line.  

I hope that helps you understand how to compare fractions in three different ways.

Yes, you can compare fractions using a number line, models and using common denominators.