Chairman:  Mr T May  Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the RBL, Tideford


Monday 27 February 2012 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.00 pm)


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

            Following our letter of complaint regarding the Eliot Hall, Superintendent

            Julie Whitmarsh will be replying

2.        Apologies for absence

3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 30 January 2012

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

4.1.1    Highways – new items

4.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Report from Cllr


            See a request for funding under 7.15

4.3       Xtravert Ramps – Digley Associates are prepared to provide Risk

            Assessment Training to all Parish Councillors for a fee of £400. This will

            include full handouts, sample forms for inspections and detailed information

            relating to risk assessment         

4.4       Asset Register – amended to include the new notice boards and the Xtravert

            Ramp at Tideford

4.5       Speaker for the Annual Parish Meeting

            Sarah Mason from CALC has been asked to speak. If she cannot, perhaps

            someone from the Cornwall Air Ambulance

5.        Playparks

5.1        St Germans

            The clerk has ordered an additional ‘NO DOGS’ sign for the play park gate    

            and a second sign for the other gate                                                       


5.2        Tideford

            A report had been received that the swing needed repair. Cllr May has

            contacted W H Bond & Sons

            Weeds/brambles in the toddler area.

            The clerk has ordered a new sign for the play park gate


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       William Withers started work on the entrance on 17.2.12 but further works

            will be required in addition to the estimate in order to hang the gates        

7.        Finance

7.1       Quercus invoice dated 3.2.12 for grass cutting - £475

7.2       EDF Energy invoice for Tideford lighting from 1.11.11 to 31.1.12 - £27.85

7.3       Invoice from Roy Davey for the manufacture and fitting of 5 new notice

            boards - £4123 plus £824.60 VAT

7.4       Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks January salary plus their admin fee –


7.5       Barclays i-sure data back up invoice for January 2012 - £3.30

7.6       Polbathic Hall Management Committee’s request for additional funding which

            has been carried forward from the January meeting.

7.7       Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks February salary plus their admin fee –


7.8       SLCC invoice for conference on 9.2.12 at St Mellion - £65 plus VAT

7.9       SLCC invoice for the current Clerks manual - £45

7.10     Information Commissioners Office renewal for the registration of St Germans

            Parish Council - £35

7.11     Clerks expenses for February - £170.82

7.12     Cornwall Council invoice for the salt bin supplied at Tideford - £157.98 plus


7.13     CAB Cornwall requesting a donation towards their costs.

7.14     Shelter Cornwall requesting a donation towards their running costs for


7.15     St Germans & District Twinning Association requesting funding needed to

            hire a marquee and to have outside caterers to provide food for their 20th 

            anniversary celebrations at Seaton

7.16     The S137 limit for 2012/13 is £6.80 per elector. The 2012 Electoral Register

            shows 1193 electors making the maximum £8112.40


8.        Planning Applications

            The following applications have been received by Cornwall Council:

8.1       PA12/00618

            Homeleigh, Tideford Cross                              Mr & Mrs Binfield

            Construction of a garden cabin to be used as ancillary accommodation

8.2       PA12/00810

            6 Newport, St Germans                                    Mr & Mrs Fogarty

            Proposed single storey extension to the rear of the property and installation of

            conservation roof light

8.3       PA12/00925

            Venture Filling Station, Polbathic-                  Mr & Mrs Brown    

            Prior notification for the demolition of redundant and vacant MOT testing


            The Parish Council is not consulted on Prior Notification Applications

8.4       PA12/01355

            5 Eliot Drive, St Germans                                    Mr C Anscombe

            Construction of first floor side extension over existing garage

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following decisions have been made by Cornwall Council:

9.1       PA11/10353 - Approved

            Windy Ridge Café, Trerulefoot                           Mrs S Lennox-Boyd

            Proposed timber decking with part ballustrading at entrance to the Windy

            Ridge Café, to include wheelchair access

9.2       PA12/00087 – Decided not to make a TPO

            3 Eliot Drive, St Germans                                              Mr Leaver

            Notification for consent to shorten the lowest limb growing towards the east to

            a suitable side branch at a lateral distance measuring 6.5 metres from the tree

            stem of Monterey Cypress Tree within a conservation area.

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 8.2.12 at L:iskeard

10.2     Cherokee Alpacas – Sheryll Murray’s office advise that the applicant will be

            submitting another planning application as she has now rented more land to

            achieve the functional test which means she will be able to live on site if her

            application is approved

10.3     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 29.2.12 at Liskeard

11.        Correspondence Received        

11.1     Unity Trust Bank – governance friendly and a specialist bank for not-for-profit

            organisations, charities and social enterprises. They will attend a meeting to

            discuss our banking arrangements in the future

11.2     RBL Tideford are increasing their hire charges for the hall from 1.3.12 to £15

            per meeting

11.3     Cornwall Blind Association thanking the Parish Council for the donation

11.4     Cornwall Council FREE Health & Safety Awareness Course – 13.3.12 at

            Wadebridge -14.3.12 at Newquay – 15.3.12 at Helston

11.5     Church of England Community Consultation Documents relating to St

            Germans Church – 3 returned to the Cathedral & Church Buildings Division

11.6     Notification of Changes at Cornwall Council in relation to supplier payments

11.7     Funding Bulletin – Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Business & Economy,

            Environment & Heritage, European International, Research – page 1 only

            printed but available from the clerk

11.8     Sustainable Gov – latest public service news

11.9     Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest

11.10   Calc’s The Week – issues 3, 4 and 5

11.11   SLCC – minutes of the branch meeting on 21.10.11 and agenda for meeting on


11.12   Cornwall Joint Services Cadet Committee offering their services to light the

            Beacons for the Jubilee

11.13   The Queen Elizabeth 11 Fields Challenge aiming to provider a network of

            protected green spaces across the country

11.14   Cornwall Community Foundation – funding available for activities that

            celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee

11.15   SLCC – course available in 2012

11.16   Cornwall Rural Community Council – Cornwall Core Strategy

11.17   Cornwall Rural Community Council – Cornish Poets Evening on 1.3.12 at the

            Burrell Theatre, Truro School

11.18   Prayers at Council Meetings – High Court Ruling

11.19   Parish Online – web mapping software for parishes in England & Wales

11.20   Cornwall Council updating on the ethical standards regime

11.21   Olympic Torch Relay – Councillor Briefing and Schools Messenger

11.22   SLCC branch newsletter

11.23   Cornwall Conservations – town and parish council events March 2012

11.24   Leader message to Members 30.1.12

11.25   Nut Tree – February edition

11.26   Invite to AONB Forum on 17.3.12 at Penzance

11.27   CALC 64th AGM at Truro on 29.2.12 at 7.30pm

11.28   Cornwall in Bloom

11.29   A new archive and record office for Cornwall  

11.30   Station Parking – a letter from the Chair of SGRUG ‘to all who drive to/from

            the station’

11.31   Leader message to Members on 20.2.12

11.32   Cornwall Council announces Cabinet Changes – 21.02.12

11.33   Email from David Ramsbottom regarding Wind Turbines – see


11.34   Letter from The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP regarding the Freedom to Pray

11.35   Business Rates Update and Request to Continue lobbying locally – request

            that we write to our MP to demand a share of the business rate collected in our


12.        Informal Correspondence