How Good are you at Scratch?

All the answers to this quiz are in ‘Starting Games with Scratch’ . Actually, that’s not true. You’ll need to play around with scratch to find some of the answers, but the ‘Starting Games with Scratch’ is a good place to start.

Scratch Level 0

Tour - Can you ..

  • Open Scratch on your computer?
  • Edit the picture of Scratch the cat  to make him look different
  • Record a sound and play it back
  • Drag blocks from the left to the middle and make them ‘Stick’ together?
  • Save your work (project) and open it again?

◻  Making Scratch Say Hello - can you ..

  • make Scratch say something when you click on him?
  • change Scratch to a different picture

Scratch Level 1

◻  Making Scratch Move - can you ...

  • Show a program where you’ve made a Scratch move.

◻  Getting Help - can you ...

  • Show where the Scratch Help files are
  • (if Internet connection) show how to find Scratch information using google

◻  Loops

  • Show a program where you have used a loop block

◻   Drawing

  • Show a program where you’ve used visual effects (like drawing)


  • Show a program where you have used a If block

Scratch Level 2 (Yellow belt level)

◻   Finding out when you hit things

  • Show a program where you check if you have hit something

◻  Sharing your characters

  • Show a character that somebody has shared with you.

◻  Give Scratch a memory

  • Show a program where you have used variables

◻  Listen for things that happen

  • Show a program where you use broadcasts

Scratch Level 3

◻  Working as a group

  • (2 or more of you) show a program where you have worked together. Explain who did what. Show the parts you did yourself, and the parts you did together.

◻ Planning

  • Show the notes from before you started to program. Explain what you did differently when you were writing the program

◻ Help Guide

  • Show the Help Guide / notes for your program. Can somebody else use it without you explaining it to them

Credits; © , tested at CoderDojo Drogheda. Feel free to reuse (but mention where you got it from - MIT License) Cover image from