OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communications Working Group Meeting


6th June 2011,

21:00- GMT (22:00 - CET)



Present: Richard Weait, Charlotte Wolter, Hurricane Coast, Oliver Kühn, Harry Wood

Apologies: Absent:

Responsible for OSMF newsletter input:

Public to newsletter


Adoption of previous minutes

Minutes of 23rd May 2011:

Propose: Richard Weait

Seconded:  Hurricane Coast

None opposed

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Matters Arising:

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Finalise agenda for this call.

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Any other business


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Membership emailing

Henk and Michael Collinson have successfully restarted the membership reminder emailing.  They have some email text.

Dear Harry,

The rest of this is a form letter. However, you may be one of group of people who renewed at SOTM. If so, please ignore, I will find my records soon. - Mike

We have unfortunately not been able to send out second membership renewal reminders for some months and your annual OSM Foundation membership expired on 2010-07-12. I apologise for the delay in telling you.

You can renew at Payment via most credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer is accepted.

Your membership fee is used to fund the computer systems that host OpenStreetMap and to promote the OpenStreetMap and the ideals of open mapping, so I do hope you will renew!

If your main email address has changed, please send me an update to

The membership fee is UK £15 per year and enables you to influence the direction of OpenStreetMap by being able to vote in elections for officers of the foundation. Members may also get discounts on some OSMF organised events (such as the State of the Map conference). You do not have to be a member in order to use or contribute to OpenStreetMap.

You can find more about the Foundation at our website

Regards and Happy Mapping,

Michael Collinson

Membership Secretary

Looks good . ACTION ITEM everyone review for next week. see if we have any changes

ACTION ITEM Richard blog. ”apologies. hopefully you’ve received email about payment”. blog post


skins & themes update

Harry removed duplication for the About page (now resides on the wordpress blog)

ACTION: Harry will do same for ”FAQ”

Translation plugin has gone commercial, but (as per email) we have been granted a license as a not-for-profit. Leave it at that for the moment

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Developing copy for foundation site

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ACTION ITEM:  Everyone review We have some “answers” from Richard and Hurricane.  Decide yay or nay on promoting to the page..


Blog translations

ACTION: Oliver will fire some tasks as Micheal Shultz to do German translations. (Tasks via the translation management system)

ACTION:  Harry will do the same of DBegin (french translation) unfortunately the About page need doing again


Next meeting.

Monday 13th June 2010,

2100BST, 2200CET, 1600EDT, 2000UTC 1400MDT

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