MVSNA Meeting Notes – 2008-09-23

MVSNA officers: Cary Silverman (President), Si Kailian (1st Vice President), Horton Beebe-Center (2nd Vice President), Nicole Manara (Corresponding Secretary), Rob Amos (Treasurer), Jefferson Parke (Recording Secretary)

At Large board members: Thais Austin, Deborah Ziska, Paul Corsi


In attendence: Cary, Si, Rob, Jeff, and Paul

Reports and Announcements

Public Safety Report

3rd District Officers Orlando Torres and Martin B???:

Q&A&Comments – Responses provided by Officer Torres:

A: Get with the higher ranking officials. They’ll likely work with DDOT to identify specific issues to address.

A (Cary): The association put together a pedestrian safety report for DDOT and hounded the head to address the issues documented, but they never were. The head has since left DDOT. We’d like to get a committee together to continue that work.

Q: If anyone blocks ramps in front of buildings or on public sidewalks can the police address these violations?

A: Anything that’s public property is under police pervue.

Q: Is there any difference between cars and trucks with respect to parking violations?

A: No. We can ticket and potentially tow both cars and trucks. Trucks have more logistical issues with respect to towing due to size.

Q: Can you comment on the public safety of the streets alongside the City Vista building?

A: Unfortunately not, being from a different PSA?

Q: With regard to the arrest and release of recent shooting suspects are there any new developments?

A: No.

Q: Are there any plans to make the sidewalk along Yale more protective of pedestrians, considering the speeds of some cars on NY Ave?

A (local resident): No, but that’s a good idea that I can raise with other residents of the building.

Q: How long will the police be stationed at 5th and N?

A: Uncertain but it is definitely serving an important purpose so probably will be much later.

C: 8th and N needs more protection considering the recent homicide at that location.

Q: How many shots have been spotted by the “Shot Spotter”?

A: It’s being used but usually police on patrol will get calls from residents before Shot Spotter becomes useful.

General Q&A – Answers by whomever knows

A: There have been some discussions about it but doesn’t seem imminent, if ever.

Q: Is the tunnel going through to Florida Ave?

A: No. The city is in discussions to close the open air segments of the tunnel and sell the air rights for development.

Q: What’s the process for notification from the gov’t on development and meetings?

A: It’s supposed to go through the Advisory Neighborhood Commission and be distributed by commissioners but often the neighborhood associations and blogs fill that role.

Q: What’s the latest on the new building next to House of Ruth?

A: Not sure. Check with Mt. Vernon Triangle blog.

Q: Does anyone know anything about Museum Square Apartments? Their lease ends October 2008. They don’t appear to be HUD supported. Someone told me that it might be torn down.

A: Tenants rights activists would almost certainly prevent that.

Q: Is there any plan to develop parks/green spaces in the area?

A: There are a couple projects under way. The association has been working with residents of the Sonata to improve the park at 2nd and Mass. We’re trying to get a federal highway fund grant to fix it up. There are some plans to move some of the accoutrements of the old convention center site to this park. The other park, the triangle park at 5th and Mass, is being worked on by the Chinatown Revitalization Council. It has been slated to become the Chinatown park for a decade but the money hasn’t come through yet. Area organizations have done a little cleanup, painted the fences and fixed the benches but there is much more to be done. The difficulty is in jurisdiction – federal park land, DC maintained lights, etc.

Q: Are there any plans for a dog park?

A: There was some interest in segmenting an area of the park at 2nd and Mass for dogs and their owners. Nothing official is in the works so it would be a good cause to take up and advocate for anyone interested.

Q: Are there any plans for doing video surveillance at 4th and L considering all the crime from prostitution and drug dealing?

A: It’s possible that the police stats don’t currently support a crime camera. Always call 911 for any suspicious activity. Do NOT call 311 anymore. Reporting all suspicious activity will get the official stats more in line with the true extent of the problem.