Why I like Water

I love to play in the water. Sometimes I play at the pool and sometimes I play at the beach. Some of the things I like to do at the pool are jump in, swim, and play games. When I go to the beach I like to wave jump, play in the sand, float, and boogie board. I like to play in the water.    

One game I like to play at the pool is Electric Eel. Electric Eel is like freeze tag. The pool we play in has a shallow end that is 3 feet deep and goes to a deep end that’s 9 feet deep. We play Electric Eel in shallow end.  The person who is the eel swims around trying to tag people. To unfreeze people someone who isn’t frozen has to touch them on the head. Even though there is a base, only one person can be on it at a time. The base is one end of the shallow part. If the electric eel freezes everyone, it wins. You either end when the eel wins or you get bored. I think electric eel is a really fun game.  

 I also love to jump into the pool. It’s kind of scary but still fun at the same time. Sometimes I dive, sometimes I cannonball, and sometimes I just jump.  First you jump up in the air and then you splash down in the water. I like to wear goggles so I can see the bubbles coming up. It’s so much fun to jump in the pool.

        Sometimes when I go to the beach, I wave jump. Wave jumping is fun especially when there are big waves. When you jump, it feels like you’re flying. The wave comes. It rises like a mountain of water. You jump and the wave catches you and lifts you up. Then it puts you back down. I love to wave jump.  

Other times when I go to the beach, I boogie board. When you boogie board you lie on a little board and wait for a wave to come. When a wave comes and you push off. The wave picks you up and then it carries you to shore. The only thing I don’t like about boogie boarding is falling off because sometimes when you fall the wave rolls you around like you’re in a washing machine. Then you get a lot of water in your nose. It doesn’t feel very good. Even though falling off is no fun, I still like boogie boarding.

Water is so much fun whether you’re at the pool or the beach, playing games or wave jumping.  No matter what you’re doing water is still water. Even if it is kind of different it’s still fun. I love water no matter where it is or if it is warm or cold. It’s still water and water is fun. That’s what makes water great.